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Watcher in the Rift / Guide of Extinction

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Over the collapsed boundary of spacetime, mysterious energy slips in.

It then merges itself with Sirocco's spiritual residue that's been wandering inside the dimensional storm, angry.

What's this energy that's sneaked into the storm?

The beings that have been watching the division of Arad are now on the move, through the dimensional storm and Sirocco's spiritual residue.

Watcher in the Rift / Guide of Extinction
Location The Elrox
Min. Level 100
Level 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss Varies

Watcher in the Rift / Guide of Extinction is essentially an upgraded version for Guide of Wisdom that is also located on The Elrox introduced in a December 2021 patch. Players can gain access to both dungeons when reaching Level 100 and accept the quest, [Watcher in the Rift] The Invaded Rifts from NPC Woon Lyonir where they can also acquire Level 100 Epic, Mythic, or Sirocco Raid Epic Equipment through Guide of Extinction.

Entrance Requirements & Details

  • Reach Level 100.
  • Epic Quest Icon.png [Stormy Route] The Philasia's First Destination must be cleared first, then accept [Watcher in the Rift] The Invaded Rifts.
  • Entry consumes 8 Fatigue & 27 Time's Guide Stone.png Time's Guide Stones per run.
  • Can be played either in Solo or Party mode.
  • Does not have a Normal or Expert Mode.
  • Has a higher Epic and Mythic drop rates than the Guide of Wisdom.
  • 100,000 No Icon.png Watchful Energy is required to enter Guide of Extinction.

Watchful Energy

  • A system introduced only in Watcher in Rift / Guide of Extinction, your character will receive an energy bar on their UI after clearing the quest and obtaining 30,000 No Icon.png Watchful Energy from Woon, this energy cannot be shared account-wise as each created character has their own individual bar when entering The Elrox.
  • Each time you kill monsters per run, it'll accumulate a certain amount of Watchful Energy which depends on their type.
  • 300,000 Watchful Energy can be gathered up in total through three slots when the bar fills up completely and allows access to Guide of Extinction.
  • On a slight chance, a secret dungeon inside Watcher in the Rift can appear in which you can obtain more Watchful Energy upon killing the monsters, including it's boss.

Additional Info

Any of them can drop their respective Sirocco Raid Equipment or a Immaterial Essence.png Immaterial Essence upon their defeat.




Boss Intrusions: