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Category:The Elrox - Stormy Route Dungeons

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The Elrox - Stormy Route
The Elrox.png
Location The Elrox
Min. Level 96
Level 96-100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Varies

The Elrox - Stormy Route is one of two dungeon areas available from The Elrox unlocked at Lv. 96 upon completion of Epic Quest Icon.png [Stormy Route] The Philasia's First Destination.

While investigating the Dimensional Storm, Empress Erje of the Ziben Empire has sent the battleship, The Elrox, commanded by Great General Woon Lyonir to authenticate rumors of spacial distortion originating from the eye of the storm. To aid in the investigation, high ranking officials and adventurers from all nations have come together to discover the cause of the dimensional fissures and mend them before further disaster arrives.


Dungeon Name Level
Stormy Route.png Stormy Route 96~100
Guide of Wisdom.png Guide of Wisdom 96~100

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