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Alchemist Morgan

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MorganIcon.png Alchemist Morgan
Age 501
Sex Male
Race Dark Elf
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Alchemist; General Merchant
Alias N/A
Location Silver Crown
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Morgan is an alchemist who was investigating the plague that was infecting the Dark Elves, but ended up falling victim to the very plague that he was researching, transforming him into the ghoul Malicious Morgan. He is fought in Shallow Keep.

His counterpart from Mirror Arad is alive and well, studying the effects of the Great Metastasis in Abnova. He is located in Silver Crown alongside Blue Guardian Vetala.


  • Quest Giver


Request Chat

  • I'm Morgan, senior alchemist at the Dark Elf Court. I came from Underfoot to investigate the strange phenomena that have been taking place in the rest of the world. Nice to meet you.
  • The success and failure of alchemy depends on the practitioner's level of understanding in its principles. Alchemy is all about logics and observations rather than speculations and accidents.
  • My Queen Maya wishes to find a way to alleviate the plague and violence inducing effects of the Great Metastasis.
She'll appreciate it if you can help her with her cause.

Conversation start

Conversation end


Morgan as a ghoul in the original Arad AlchemistMorgan.png MorganIngame.png Lunar Festival Summer Christmas