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Location Arad
Level Requirement Level 36
NPCs Queen Maya, Elder Saffron, Alisha Arden, Highmore
Areas Noire Ferra
Aphelia Post

Underfoot is the Capital of Fennes, Kingdom of the Dark Elves. It is located deep underground within Aphelia and is the entrance to Noire Ferra.


Dark Elf Kingdom.png


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Elder Saffron Elder Saffron Dark Elf Adviser, Special Merchant Palace
Queen Maya Queen Maya Queen of the Dark Elves Palace
Alisha Arden Alisha Arden Underfoot Plaza
Highmore Highmore Underfoot Plaza


  • In an alternate universe, Underfoot was torn out of the ground by the Great Metastasis and became suspended in the air. It served as a central hub for adventurers in Arad and opened itself up to people of different races under Queen Maya's rule.