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Ash Core, the Flame Dragon

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Ash Core, the Flame Dragon
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Sex Male
Race Dragon
Affiliation Dragonoid Legion - The Four Dragonoids
Occupation Bakal's Bodyguard
Dragonoid Legion Commander
Alias N/A
Location Castle of Bakal
Dragon's Garden
Foreign Name(s)
Korean Ver.:
애쉬코어 Hwaryong Aeswikoeo, "Fire Dragon Ashcore"

Chinese Ver.:

Japanese Ver.:
Likeability N/A

Ashcore, the Flame Dragon (Korean: 화룡 애쉬코어 Hwaryong Aeswikoeo) is one of the many tertiary antagonists of Dungeon Fighter Online and serves a mini-boss of Castle of Bakal in the Otherverse and the boss of the Dragon's Garden in the Ispins, The Usurped Lands.

He was a member of the Four Dragonoids, which were a select group of four powerful Dragonoids who served directly under the Dragon Tyrant Bakal and led the Dragonoid Legion that occupies the Empyrean continent of Ispins during the Empyrean Age of Darkness. According to Empyrean history, it is said that he along with the other members of the Four perished during the Machine Revolution.


Background Settings:

(Official Localization)

Ash Core, the Flame Dragon

One of the three strongest dragons that protect their king Bakal's castle.
Ash Core commands the power of fire and is just as hot-tempered and fierce as the fire he controls.
He'd followed Bakal since he was a hatchling, and even joined him in the War of Dragons that occurred in Pandemonium.
Having grown up fighting, he doesn't think it's bad for the strong to bully or kill the weak.
For the same reason, he's also ready to die at the hands of someone stronger than him.

— Source: DFU[1]

Story Excerpt:

화룡 애쉬코어 (Fire dragon, Ashcore)

"죽고 싶지 않아...!"

약한 놈은 죽어야 한다.

"사, 살려줘!"

약한 자신을 탓하며 사그라들거라.

수십의 천계인이 비명을 내지를 새도 없이 순식간에 재가 되어 사라졌다.
애쉬코어는 아직 꺼지지 않은 잔불을 바라보며 숨을 크게 들이마셨다.
피, 재, 흙먼지가 모두 뒤섞인 채 맴도는 옅은 비릿함.
냄새는 바람이 불자 불씨와 함께 빠르게 흩어졌다.

그래. 이보다 더한 냄새를 질리도록 맡았던 기억이 난다.

애쉬코어는 새끼용 시절의 기억을 떠올렸다.
자신이 본 바칼은 모든 것을 찢어발기고 있었다.
건축물, 마계인, 심지어 같은 용족일지라도. 바칼은 말 그대로 눈앞의 모든 것을 깨부수고, 불태웠다.
누구라도 그의 비늘 끝 하나 건들 수 없었던 압도적인 모습...
그런 그를 동경했다. 애쉬코어는 그런 바칼의 강함을 동경했다.

약한 놈이 죽는 건 당연하다. 강한 자만이 살아남을 수 있다.

바칼의 발자국을 따라 천계에 도달한 그는 자신의 지론을 실천하기 시작했다.
수많은 사람을 죽였다. 이유는 단 하나. 나약해서였다.
동족이라 할지라도 거슬리는 놈들은 모두 찢어버렸다. 역시 이유는 단 하나. 나약해서였다.

그리고 강한 자만이 바칼 님의 곁에 당당히 설 수 있다.

지금, 자신의 강함이라면…
생각에 잠겼던 애쉬코어는 주먹을 까득, 소리가 날 정도로 쥐었다.
바칼 님의 눈에 들 수 있을까?
그의 그림자를 쫓아 힘만을 추구하며 달려왔지만, 알 수가 없는 노릇이었다.

“정말 불쾌하기 짝이 없는 광경이로군요.”
"기분 나쁜 놈이 왔군."

들려오는 목소리에 애쉬코어는 뒤도 돌아보지 않고 대꾸했다.

“느마우그… 내 영역을 뻔뻔하게 침범해놓고 할 말은 아닌 거 같은데?”
“이런, 이런. 전혀 악의는 없었습니다. 단지 전해드려야 할 말씀이 있어서.”

내용과는 다르게, 느마우그의 발언엔 기분이 나쁠 정도로 과한 감정이 담겨 있었다.

“전할 말?”
“바칼 님께서 저희를 호출하셨습니다.”
“바칼 님께서?”

애쉬코어는 눈썹을 씰룩이며 황급히 뒤를 돌아봤다.
주변을 바라보며 혐오스럽다는 표정을 짓던 느마우그는 애쉬코어와 눈이 마주치자 애써 작위적인 미소를 지었다.

“네. 저희에게 특별히 하실 말씀이 있다는군요.”

애쉬코어는 다시 한번 주먹을 쥐었다.
그러나 이전과는 다른 감정이었다.
터져 나오는 웃음을 참을 수가 없었다.
역시나... 바칼 님께선 나의 힘을 눈여겨 보시고 계셨다!

“후후후… 빨리 가자고. 바칼 님을 기다리시게 만들 순 없지!”

— Source: 시즌 8 Act 2. 빼앗긴 땅, 이스핀즈[2]


Original History

Revised History - Origin

As an Enemy

Icon-Ash Core, the Flame Dragon.png
Ash Core, the Flame Dragon
Ash Core Ispins Phase1.gif
TypeDragon.png TypeHuman.png

Move Set (Phase 1 - 2)

  • Flame Zone: Ash Core's main pattern throughout all three phases of his fight. How this functions is that, each time he uses any of his fire-specific attacks, a patch of flames will always be created on the ground which not only inflicts a Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) when stepping into them, but constant exposure actually lowers a player's burn resistance through a flame-themed meter that appears on the screen next to one of each player, and receiving a Burn damage is amplified notice when it begins stacking up to a total of five times. This, in turn, gives Ash Core an upper advantage to easily take out anyone.
  • Fireball: He'll throw a single fireball projectile going forward. Around hitting Phase 3, he'll throw out two of them going in a separate Y and X-Axis directions.
  • Claw Swipe: He'll do a basic double claw at front range, sometimes he'll create two or three flame patches during the attack. Within Phase 3, Ash Core will only use one swipe instead that'll create fireballs.
  • Rush Attack: Ash Core gets into a position, and tries to target and rush at a random player's location. If he misses, this causes him to go airborne and slams the ground within that area. If someone is grabbed, he'll use an attack which functions similarly to the Berserker's Bloodlust.png Bloodlust. Within later phases, he'll use the flames and turns them into fireballs that follow him.
  • Cracking Flame Branch: Only during Phase 1, Ash Core stands still as he punches the ground to launch out multiple flame trails of four directions around him that spread out like branches, twice in a row.
  • Fire Wave: When Ash Core reaches Phase 2, occasional fire wave trails appears in the ground from left to right which are notified by the red arrow lines below. They are similar to the Elemental Bomber's Infernal Road.png Infernal Road.
  • Ring of Fire: Ash Core dashes over towards the middle section and begins to gather energy with a red circle beneath, hitting him repeatedly can increase the circle's area range which is actually a safe zone for the pattern's follow up. Once casting is completed, he'll place flames with that safe zone, then performs a room-wide explosion afterward.
  • Rage Explosion: Similar to some of his other powering up AoE patterns, Ash Core gets into a position to gather energy for an attack. During this period, hitting him widens out the pattern's range and once casting is done, he'll launch out two large Fire Waves from both sides, and small meteorites drop at the room's top and bottom portions.
  • Flame Circle: Ash Core dashes to the middle section and powers up to form a circle around him, while two waves of flame pillars outside its range are going within a clockwise rotation. After the circle shrinks down twice, he'll turn the flames into meteorites.
  • Extinguishing Breath: Ash Core dashes over to either the left or right side of the room's edge, as he prepares to cast for an AoE attack. While charging up, players should stay behind him and attack repeatedly to reduce the breath's range. Once the casting gauge is filled, he'll launch out a Flame Breath spread at the room's opposite side.
  • Aerial Storm: He'll fly up and attempts to dive bomb at a player's position to launch an explosion after landing.
  • Fireball Volley: At 80% of his HP, Ash Core absorbs the surrounding flames into energy, as he goes airborne and starts shooting down a volley of Fireballs at party members, and then tries to perform a strike down at someone's position.

Phase 3 (Fierce)

  • Flame Rush: When Ash Core powers up to enter in his third and final phase, he'll go airborne for a while, as a series of Fire Waves starts going from left to right. Once this is done, Ash Core performs a dive bomb in the middle section and launches down a volley of fireballs from above after he lands.
  • Flame Explosion: Only accessed during this phase, Ash Core gets into an aerial stance and prepares for a room-wide blast as he lands downward. While he is casting the attack, a random player is given a fire ring around them, which functions like a safe-zone from the explosion. Those three players who didn't receive a ring must stay within the marked player's position and stay out of Ash Core's range when he performs the pattern.

Tips & Strategy

  • Although Ash Core himself isn't a frustrating boss to battle against, his 1st phase can be considered annoying due to how overwhelming his patterns are, but phases 2-3 are more manageable when being left opened towards counterattacks via Ring of Fire, Flame Explosion, or Extinguishing Breath.
  • Reducing the range of Extinguishing Breath is much easier through classes who excel at multi-hits.
  • Stay out of the Fire Waves when they appear on the ground, as coming within close contact of them deals heavy damage.
  • For handling Ash Core's Flame Zone, there are several methods to extinguishing those flames:
    • A device that Commander Irine points out, allows you to generate a whirlwind by jumping and landing on the ground, being able to clear flames within its range. This whirlwind can be much larger through longer airborne time after landing, if skills such as; Leap.png Leap, Female Spitfire's Nitro Motor.png Nitro Motor, or Dragon Knight's Dragon Wing.png Dragon Wing are used sparingly.
    • If you or any party members specialize in Water Damage Boost.png Water Element whether it'd be through Enchanting, enabled Cube Contract or Jack Frost Flask.png Jack Frost Flasks, Irine points out that using basic x-strings attacks can clear them out in one hit.
    • Breaking his Neutralize Gauge during either phase he's in, instantly removes any of the flames he created.

Elemental Resist/Weakness




  • "Arrogant scum! This should be fun. Let's see how long you last. Kahahaha!"


  • ???

Rush Attack

  • "Prepared to be astonished!"
  • "Here I come!"

Phase 2

  • "Hah, hah... hah hah hah."
  • "Kwaarrgggh!"

Fireball Volley

  • "You don't get to look up at the sky anymore!" (On cast)
  • "Crawl, like the worms you are."

Ring of Fire

  • "You insolent dogs! I'll burn you all!"

Rage Explosion

  • ???

Flame Rush

  • "Lowly slaves! I'm not to be trifled with!" (Entering Phase 3)

Flame Explosion

  • ???


  • "Grrr!"
  • "You pricks! I'll kill you all!"
  • "The Fire...will...never...die..."




Ash Core's Otherverse Art. Ash Core's Ispins Art.


Otherverse Sprite Ispins Sprite Phase 1 Ispins Sprite Phase 2


  • Ash Core's character and design motif looks to be inspired by the Red Dragon from Dungeons & Dragons.