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Ispins, The Usurped Lands

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Ispins, The Usurped Lands
Temporary Post.jpeg
Location Ispin - Temporary Post
Min. Level 110
Level 110
Monster Level 140
End Boss Varies


Ispins Synopsis:

The woman quietly stared at the parchment in her hand. Because it was suicidal to use electric devices in Bakal's palace swarming with dragons, they had to resort to paper-based communication.

The dark bloodstains crisscrossing the parchment showed how much was sacrificed for it to reach her hands. She clasped her hands and closed her eyes, praying.

She knew if there were a god who could hear her prayers, he would never have let those cruel dragons stomp this land. Still, she didn't stop praying.

She was willing to be a priestess or shaman if it could help her forces overcome their fears and fight their enemies. And she wasn't praying to some abstract entity who could one day answer her prayers. She was praying to her real gods, who'd one day grant everyone what they'd wished for, and they were...

"Irine, who are you always praying to?"

The soldier who'd been watching her pray broke the silence. Irine opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Someone who I believe will grant our wishes one day."

A puzzled look appeared on the soldier's face. Irine grinned and continued to speak.

"By the way, the Four Dragonoids have headed out to Bakal's palace. Finally, the time Rosa mentioned has come. Please tell Flo and Juvenil to get ready for the operation."

The soldier quickly nodded his head and disappeared outside her tent. Irine spoke under her breath.

"Please, let my gods return safely again this time."

Dungeon Rules & Details

Level Needed Level 1 Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Level 2 Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Level 3 Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Main Item Option Levels Fatigue Point Cost Weekly Entry Count Weekly Reward Count
110 33,043 36,268 38,243 50 ~ 70 30 3/3 1/1/1/1 (Each Dragonoid)
  • Availability: Ispins is opened every day. (Monday – Sunday)
  • Quest Required: Complete [Time to Extinguish the Fire] and reach 33,043 Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame to gain access to the Ispins Channel.
  • Weekly Entry & Reward Count Limit: Ispins can be entered three times a week, as the extra two counts are used as hold-overs, if either you've lost connection from the game or the mission was abandoned. The rewards themselves from all four defeated Dragonoids can be obtained only once per run, with both counts resetting on Tuesday (9:00 UTC).
  • Player Amount: Can be run optionally Solo (1 Player), or with 2 – 4 Players as long as they meet the Adventurer Fame requirements to participate.
  • Area Buff: Irine's Prayer will be added.

You can create a party by speaking with NPC Commander Irine or use the “Look for Party UI” to set up a Combat Lobby for Ispins. Once everything is fully prepared, speak with Juvenil on the right side to begin the mission.


Dungeon Name Monster Level Dungeon Boss
Dragon's Garden Banner.png Dragon's Garden 140 Icon-Ash Core, the Flame Dragon.png Ash Core, the Flame Dragon
Tomb of Iron Banner.png Tomb of Iron 140 Icon-Itrenok, the Green Dragon.png Itrenok, the Green Dragon
Forest of Death Banner.png Forest of Death 140 Icon-Neiser, the Black Dragon.png Neiser, the Black Dragon
Traitor's Mansion Banner.png Traitor's Mansion 140 Icon-Numak, the Gold Dragon.png Numak, the Gold Dragon

Gameplay & Progression

Introduced in November 2022's Season 7 – Act 03's patch, Ispins, The Usurped Lands is the first of Legion Dungeon content that functions as a Mini-Raid. Before preparing to face off against one of The Dragonoid Four in their respective dungeons, either you or a party of 2 - 4 players can select any of the three Operation Cards that's shown on your screen, which is divided into separate difficulties. Each card can either benefit or penalize the party depending on which one was chosen, alongside the recommended Adventurer Fame to start the battle, such as increased Elemental Damage, boosting Neutralize Gauges, making Dragonoids much stronger or lowering the consumable count.

The main objective is to liberate Ispins and combat all four of Bakal's Dragonoid Commanders consisting of; Ash Core, Itrenok, Numak, and Neiser in a boss rush structure, albeit - randomized order that's changed once per week. Each Dragonoid Boss has their own attack patterns and various gimmicks throughout the fight, alongside three phases that'll make them far stronger. Upon successfully clearing one of each Legion Dungeon, it'll reward players through both item drops and card flips.

Operation Cards

Level 1 Life Token.png Life Token x2 Operation Card Icon
Powerful Reprisal Counterattack damage on Dragonoid +100%. Ispins Reprisal Card.png
Sweeping Attack Elemental Damage on Dragonoid +87%. Ispins Reprisal Card.png
Level 2 Life Token.png Life Token x0 Operation Card Icon
Lightning War Defeat the Dragonoid less than 6 minutes. Ispins Lightning War Card.png
Insufficient Supply Healing consumable restriction count reduced to 5. Ispins Block Supply Card.png
Find Weakness Max +50% on Dragonoid's Neutralize Gauge. Ispins Weakness Card.png
Best Defense Dragonoid's attack +15%. Ispins Best Defense Card.png
Level 3 Life Token.png Life Token x0 Operation Card Icon
Lightning War II Defeat the Dragonoid less than 4 minutes. Ispins Lightning War Card.png
Block Supply Healing consumable restriction count reduced to 2. Ispins Block Supply Card.png
Unfavorable Situation Max +150% on Dragonoid's Neutralize Gauge. Ispins Weakness Card.png
Foreboding Dragonoid's attack +30%. Ispins Best Defense Card.png


  • Each Legion Dungeon's time limit consists of 60 Minutes (1 Hour) to complete, exceeding it results in being auto-removed from that dungeon.
  • 2 Life Token.png Life Tokens are granted for only Level 1 Card Operations on either Solo/Party Mode. Players who've died during parties, regardless of the Operation chosen, gets auto-resurrected with 30% of HP/MP whenever a Dragonoid boss moves into their next phase or are defeated entirely.
  • HP/MP-related Consumables have an 8-time usage limit, this can be reduced through Insufficient Supply or Block Supply Operation Cards.
  • Failing either of the Lightning War Operations through exceeding the required time limit, will not give out bonus rewards.
  • Animator-oriented items cannot be used here.
  • Certain skills are weakened when entering Legion Dungeons, such as the Buffers' healing ones. (Slow Heal.png Slow Heal, Healing Prayer.png Healing Prayer and Meticulous Stitching.png Meticulous Stitching)
  • If you did not prefer the Operation Card's challenge that was chosen, you can change it at anytime before re-entering the dungeon.
  • Choosing to Abandon Mission will not give back the fatigue points that were consumed upon entry.


Defeating all four Dragonoids in their Third Phase will have a chance of dropping:

  • Level 105 Epic Equipment (Fixed Normal/Area/Custom Options)
  • 1 Legendary Ispins Monster Card

The Recapture Success Card Flips will yield the following rewards:

Operation Card Levels 1 - 3 Flips:

VIP Premium Contract Benefits:

Gold Card Flips may yield:

  • Level 105 Sacrosanct Area Legendary Pot (Ispins)
  • Level 100 Dark Fragmented Abyss Unique Equipment (Levels 2 ~ 3)
  • Level 105 Epic Equipment (Fixed or Custom Options, Only Level 3)
  • 1
    max-width:300px 100
  • 1 Ispins Fusion Equipment (Bracelet, Necklace and Ring)

Ispins Fusion Equipment

Visit the Equipment Fusion page for more info on how to obtain the Accessories Fusion Equipment from here.

Tales Exchange System (Formerly)

As of the Dusky Island Patch, Tales of Bravery - Ispins, the Usurped Lands.png Tales of Braveries (Ispins) & Conqueror's Token - Ispins, the Usurped Lands.png Conqueror's Tokens (Ispins) have been removed from the Global Client.

However, Spitfire Flo will still have the Tales Exchange Shop available for other Braveries, and Quad-Color Split Energy.png Quad-Color Split Energy are now the main currency to purchase items that were used for Ispins' Conqueror Tokens are now moved over into Company Doh: Flexible Armory.


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