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Castle of Bakal

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Castle of Bakal
Castle of Bakal.png
Location Interdimensional Rift
Min. Level 70
Level 70-86
Monster Level 70-80
End Boss Bakal, the King of Dragons


Castle of Bakal Lore.png


  • Otherverse Dungeon
  • Only 8 Tokens can be used per run per player.
  • Must have a Party of 2 or more people to enter medium or higher.
  • This dungeon can only be run 2 times a day. This resets the next day.


Normal map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
Fatigue Points: 6


Recommend Items

  • Stun Cleansing potions

Room 1

  • Kitz
  • Kimon

The first room isn't much trouble. There are multiple Kitzs and Kimons on the right side of the room. They will not aggro until the party moves closer so take a few moments to apply buffs. Afterwards, use large aoe skills to kill the group of monsters.

Room 2

  • Itrenok, the Green Dragon

Itrenok is a fairly simple fight. When a player uses a skill that consumes a cube he will gain a damage+super armor shield and go invincible for an amount of time. The shield requires a specific amount of damage to be broken that can be seen by a red bar above his head.

Itrenok's main damaging attack is to knock down everyone in the room and then afterward use a room wide roar to deal heavy damage. Before doing this attack he will shout "Dirty Insects!" Use and hold Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound from the previous knock down to avoid most of the roar. Do not confuse his jumping attack that also knocks down with this one.

Avoid using cube-consuming skills and skills that knock down. When Itrenok is knocked down he is invincible for a lengthy period.

  • Note: Itrenok cannot activate his anti-cube shield is he is superholded.

Room 3

  • Neiser, the Black Dragon
  • Dark Spirit

Once you enter the room, Neiser will mark a random player. He will then summon 2 Dark spirits under the player and then teleport to them. This player must kill the Dark Spirits while avoiding attacking Neiser. Other party members should try to distract Neiser. If the marked player hits Neiser all party members will take some damage. If a player is marked for too long, the mark will kill them. If a player ill-suited to killing the spirits is marked, the mark can be passed to another player by walking through them. Passing the mark also resets the time limit for holding the mark.

After the Dark spirits are killed, Players are free to attack Neiser. Neiser will teleport around while throwing dart like projectiles. He will respond to cube-consuming skills by summoning a shadow pillar that deals damage or teleporting.

  • Note: Neiser cannot teleport if he is superholded.
  • Note: Neiser is vulnerable to damage from all players for a brief moment upon entering the room. It is possible to kill Neiser during this time, skipping the mark phase completely.

Room 4


  • Numak, the Gold Dragon
  • Evil Numak

At the start of the room Numak will summon several clones. The party must kill these clones as fast as possible. While they are fighting the clones, Numak will summon large cube objects that will become a problem if they become too many. Once the clones are killed, Numak will begin his second phase.

During Phase 2, Numak will continue to summon the cube objects from before in 2 colors. Yellow cubes require a single party member to stand on them until they disappear. Purple cubes require multiple party members to stand on them at the same time but disappear instantly. After Numak is finished summoning cubes, he will begin charging a spell. If there are any cubes left in the room, including ones from the clone phase, players will take approximately half their maximum health in damage. If there are no cubes left however, Numak's spell will backfire and he will take severe damage. This will repeat a couple of times and then Numak will go back to phase 1.

  • Note: Numak can take damage from regular skills in between his phases, however he will become invincible again if he is grabbed, superholded, stunned, or frozen.

Act 7 Part 3

You no longer have to enter the pillars to destroy them. They are destroyed by being attacked. Upon destroying all the pillars on screen Numak will lose invincibility. After a few moments Numak will summon more pillars and become invincible again.

Room 5

  • Ash Core, the Flame Dragon
  • Dragon Wizard

Old Version

Ash Core's main gimmick begins shortly after the party enters the room. He will become invincible and make a sign in front of him. Players may notice a blue pulse moving across to the other side of the room. On the opposite side of the room from Ash Core, there will be a sign on the floor. 1 player should stand on this sign. The other players should prepare to deal with the monsters that will be summoned. Once the pulse reaches the sign, the player standing on the sign will gain a frost like effect. This player must now reach Ash Core while avoiding the red rocks summoned by the monsters as well as being periodically stunned by the effect. In addition, all other players will periodically take damage unless they move into the blue aura projected onto the ground behind the player with the frost. If the player with the frost does not reach Ash Core in time, Ash Core will breathe fire across the entire room, dealing very heavy damage. He will continue to breathe for a time even if all players are dead so wait until he is finished to use a Life Token.

  • Note: It is absolutely imperative that a player is standing on the sign when the pulse reaches it. If no player is there, the frost effect is lost and there will be no way to stop Ash Core from charging up.
  • Note: Absolutely avoid being under the rocks during the frost aura phase when they are summoned or you may become stuck for a few precious seconds.
  • Note: Skills that provide suction effect, like Deadly Enticer.png Deadly Enticer and Mega Drill.png Mega Drill, can move Ash Core. Players should take advantage of this by moving him closer to the player with the frost aura. After this you can begin attacking Ash Core.

Ash Core himself is not very threatening. He only attacks by sending out waves similar to the Asura's awakening attack and these a fairly easy to avoid by not standing in front of him. The problem is whenever Ash Core is grabbed, in hitstun, in disabling statuses like stun or freeze, in the air, on the ground, or getting up, he gains invincibility until he recovers. Players are advised to use skills that deal damage in large single hits. Ash Core is in super armor while attacking, so players may aim for this to deal damage with multi-hit skills.

Act 7 Part 3

Ash Core no longer becomes invincible nor do the players have to carry the ice ring across the screen and touch Ash Core with it. Instead Ash Core starts out with armor that reduces damage. Eventually the armor breaks and Ash Core does his fire breath attack. After this Ash Core can be damaged normally.

Ash Core no longer summons other enemies.

Room 6

  • Bakal, the King of Dragons

Bakal begins the room in human form on the right side of the room. After a few short words he transforms and the fight begins. Bakal's basic attacks include a claw swipe at nearby players and firing fireballs at ones that are further away. At lower health, rocks will fall from the ceiling when he uses these attacks. If a player stands too far behind Bakal, he will cast a fire pillar under them. When attacked enough, he will lean down, exposing his head to attack. This is the ideal time to deal damage.

Bakal has 4 main attacks:

Pre Act 5 part 1: His first main attack and the one he is most known for begins when he flies off screen. He will reappear in the background and roar, stunning all players. While stunned, players must follow the onscreen arrow prompts. Press the displayed movement key once the outline matches the shape. If you fail, the next prompt will be the same key. All players that fail this attack will take heavy damage.

His second main attack is to fly across the map overhead. The floor will be marked with symbols. Players should seek safety in areas not marked to avoid damage.

His third main attack is to hover above the map breathing fire. His fire stays on the ground for quite awhile, deals heavy damage, and can inflict a burn that will cause high splash damage to nearby party members. He will also push players around with the force of the wind from his wings. Since the Act 5 part 1 update this attack deals less damage.

His fourth main attack is a roar while he is still on the ground. Players must mash attack and movement keys to avoid taking heavy damage.

Post Act 5 part 1: Bakal no longer has the same first main attack. Instead areas onscreen are marked with areas where attacks will land and the player simply has to dodge the attacks. It's more of a random full-screen area attack.

  • Note: Avoid standing too far left or right when Bakal is returning to the ground. Any player standing close to his landing zone will take damage. Since the Act 5 part 1 update a wind animation now plays on the ground before Bakal lands indicating which side Bakal will land on.




End Boss