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Azure Flame: Realm of Nothingness Set

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Set Effects


Intelligence +100
Vitality +100
Spirit +100

Divine Invocation Skill Lvl +1
Apocalypse Skill Lvl +1
Valor Blessing Skill Lvl +1
Crux of Victoria Skill Lvl +1
Forbidden Curse Skill Lvl +1
Marionette Skill Lvl +1

Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse STR/INT bonus +20
Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria STR/INT bonus +19

Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette STR/INT bonus +19


Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Option Effects
Azure Flame of Swamp- Exorcism.png Azure Flame of Swamp: Exorcism Bracelet 95 M. Def. +5914
STR +45
INT +254
VIT +246
SPR +134
EXO +536
She stepped forward, and blue flames rose up high in the air.
Azure Flame of Abyss- Ghost.png Azure Flame of Abyss: Ghost Necklace 95 M. Def. +9856
INT +166
VIT +134
SPR +246
EXO +536
These flames surrounded the swirling black space,
Azure Flame of Jade- Non-Self.png Azure Flame of Jade: Non-Self Ring 95 M. Def. +3942
STR +67
INT +193
VIT +232
SPR +232
EXO +536
and everything around it started to disappear, even that which couldn't be seen.



  • Azure Flame's theme is based upon Lupsong, known as the Mother of Blue Fire who makes her only appearance in the Tayberrs Quest-line.