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Lupsong, known as the Mother of the Blue Fire, is a resident of Tayberrs who is currently in charge of watching over the planet and trying to restore it back to its former beauty after the absence of Apostle Prey.

Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Unknown
Occupation Messenger of Tayberrs
Location Tayberrs


When Prey speaks about the situation regarding his evil half Isys, Arthur and Niu along with the Adventurer come to Pandemonium Junction as they're introduced to Lupsong only through her voice. She discusses her kind that succumbed to Isys's corrupted energy and came to Pandemonium to aid in his schemes. Unable to enter Pandemonium due to said-energy, Lupsong offers her aid by giving the adventurer her blessing to gain access into Tayberrs so they can move around freely like the warriors there can.

Assisted by Slenikon, the adventurer fights off the infected residents including Shackled Kepheros & Speninos. Lupsong speaks to Silvery Harbart who has also changed to due to Isys' energy and asks where Verdant Frekses is, but doesn't get a proper answer. Unfortunately, the trio were set up and Lupsong feels ashamed for misinforming Prey about Isys attacking him while his followers stayed to keep them busy. Despite this, she thanks the adventurer for their help as her followers get time to regroup and think of ways to save Prey.

During Frekses' recollection of what happened in Tayberrs, Lupsong is seen along with Slenikon, Tritura and numerous followers of Prey when he flew sky high into the mysterious black fragment that appeared and corrupted various residents.



  • Lupsong gets her name from Lupinus, a plant of the pea family with deeply divided leaves and tall colorful tapering spikes of flowers.
  • Azure Flame: Realm of Nothingness, a set with Crusader/Enchantress-specific bonuses, is themed after her.
  • During her introduction, Lupsong almost calls Prey, Freye before correcting her mistake. This could be seen as a translation-related joke, referring to how inconsistent the Apostle's name has been prior to the Season 5: Act 05 patch.