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Banquet Hall of Light

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Banquet Hall of Light
Banquet Hall of Light.png
Location Castle of the Dead
Min. Level 85
Level 85-88
Monster Level 88
End Boss Icon-Gold Clown.png Gold Clown


The path to the repository at the bottom of all the light that the Castle of the Dead has absorbed is illuminated by columns of light that twirl as if dancing. That is why it is called the Banquet Hall of Light.
When the Castle of the Dead was first revealed to Pandemonium, some residents of Pandemonium gathered in the Banquet Hall of Light and thanked Luke for restoring light to their world. All of them disappeared mysteriously, and opinions differ as to why they vanished.
Some say they volunteered to serve Luke so that they could stay forever in the castle and enjoy all the beautiful light it has to offer, while others say they fell victim to Icon-Gold Clown.png Gold Clown's magic and were sent to another dimension. Whatever the truth might be, the residents of Pandemonium continue to visit the Banquet Hall of Light, dancing among the light.




1 Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map S.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png
2 Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map SE.png Map NSEW.png Map SEW.png Map W.png
3 Map Blank.png Map SE.png Map NEW.png Map NEW.png Map NSW.png Map Blank.png
4 Map Boss.png Map NEW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map NW.png Map Blank.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Hell Mode:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:




Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Mini Me Necklace.png Miniature-me Necklace Necklace 85 M. Def. +8448
INT +39
SPR +96
Light Damage +12
Golden Circus Dagger.png Circus Gold Dagger Dagger 85 P. Atk. +846
M. Atk. +846
I. Atk. +561
STR +64
Physical Critical Chance +15 %
Hit Rate -1 %
Critical Damage +12%
Dimensional Cannon.png Dimensional Travel Cannon Hand Cannon 85 P. Atk. +1026
M. Atk. +616
I. Atk. +561
STR +96
Inflict Light Damage
Light Damage +18
4D Amplifier Magic Knuckle.png Fourth Dimension Magic-intensifying Knuckle Knuckle 85 P. Atk. +892
M. Atk. +1080
I. Atk. +561
INT +64
Casting Speed +2 %
Light Damage +20
Gold Hammer-derived Giant Scythe.png Gold Hammer-derived Giant Scythe Scythe 85 P. Atk. +892
M. Atk. +939
I. Atk. +561
STR +119
INT +119
Attack Speed +3 %
Casting Speed +5 %
Physical Critical Chance +7 %
Magic Critical Chance +7 %
Hit Rate -1 %
Critical Damage +12%