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Pandemonium (Location)

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This article is about the location Pandemonium. For the map, see Towns - Pandemonium.

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Pandemonium (Korean: magye) is one of the three primary traversable realms in Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO). It is an octahedral celestial fragment that hovers over the Planet Arad for reasons unknown, and is said to be the origin of magic and the domain of the 'Apostles'. Currently, it is connected to the Aradian Overworld realm Empyrean through an Interdimensional Rift created by the Castle of the Dead.

According to legend, it was originally a fragment that contained a city from the Planet Terra, and was sent flying into space after its home planet's destruction. For many years, the fragment drifted by a plethora of worlds and fell victim to countless alien invaders, which plunged the realm into endless infighting and left it in a state of chaos and ruin, hence its name. Recently, however, Pandemonium has attained a fragile 'peace' due a settlement between Pandemonium's most powerful magical organizations and the mysterious disappearance of some its most powerful creatures.






  • Pandemonium's original Korean name 마계(魔界) when broken down and translated into English has multiple interpretations:
    • 魔 can mean 'demon, devil, evil, or magic'.
    • 界 can mean 'boundary, world, or realm'.
It can be translated literally as 'demon world', 'demon realm', or 'magic world' or 'the world of demons', the 'realm of demons', or the 'realm of magic'.
In certain media, the term is also translated as 'Devildom' or 'Evildom' which means the 'realm/domain of demons' or the 'realm/domain of evil', respectively.
  • Pandemonium's localized English name is a reference to capital of Hell in John Milton's epic Paradise Lost.
    • It is derived from Greek and means 'all/every little spirits/angels (later interpreted as demons)' or 'all-demon-place'.
    • In modern media, the word is used to describe 'a wild uproar’ or ‘a place of pure chaos'.

Cultural References

  • Pandemonium has many references to the real life city New York City, including the names of its planes and landmarks.