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Black Forest Brier

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Black Forest Brier.png Black Forest Brier

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Active Skill


Command: Downkey.pngDownkey.pngUpkey.png+Spacebar.png
Prerequisite Level: 45
Prerequisite Skills: Destiny Puppet.png Destiny Puppet Lv1


Sacrifices a magically charged hex doll and summons an impregnable house of briers. This curse creates different effects for party members and enemies within range.

Party Member Effects:
Party members inside the house become immune to attacks from the outside, but lose 5% of Max HP every time the house squirms. They can automatically enter the house by jumping within its range, and exit by pressing the Jump key again. The target of Favoritism.png Favoritism does not lose HP.

Enemy Effects:
Enemies near the brier house are pricked by the thorns and knocked backward with damage.


  • SP per level: 50
  • Master Level: 1
  • Max Level: 11
  • Casting Time: Instant Cast
  • Cooldown: - sec.
  • This skill consumes 2 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • MP -4.0% Cooldown -0.0% on Command
  • Basic Attack Cancelable Skill
  • MP Consumption: 1645
  • Use Count: 2
  • Hex Doll Stack Cost: 1
  • Brier Multi-hit Count: 4
  • Party Member HP Loss: 5%


  • Jumping into the Black Forest Brier does not grant invincibility frames until the player fully enters. It is possible to be knocked away or killed during the entry animation.
  • All players exiting the Brier have full invincibility frames during the animation.

Skill Growth

Note: This table has been generated based off of skill growth information presented in-game. The data may have slight differences compared to the information presented in-game due to minor rounding variations.


Level Lv Req Brier Multi-hit Atk.
1 45
max-width:200px 100
2 47
max-width:200px 100
3 49
max-width:200px 100
4 51
max-width:200px 100
5 53
max-width:200px 100
6 55
max-width:200px 100
7 57
max-width:200px 100
8 59
max-width:200px 100
9 61
max-width:200px 100
10 63
max-width:200px 100
11 65
max-width:200px 100
  • Note:The table above has been generated based off of skill growth information presented in-game. The data may have slight differences compared to the information presented in-game due to minor rounding variations.


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