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Cain the Fatality
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Unknown
Affiliation Apostles of Pandemonium
Occupation First Apostle
King of Pandemonium
Alias The One Whom Death Fears
Location East Brooklyn: Union Square, Pandemonium
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Cain or Cain the Fatality (a. k. a. The One Whom Death Fears) is the First Apostle and undisputed king of Pandemonium. He is the strongest of the Apostles, and is notoriously known for his unlimited strength and vitality. Despite his overwhelming power, he has no interest in invading surrounding areas around Union Square, where he resides.


(Unofficial) Character Biography:

Male. Age Unknown.
The First Apostle. "The One Whom Death Fears."
The all-powerful king of Pandemonium who resides in Union Square. He is universally recognized as the strongest being in Pandemonium, a world where strength reigns supreme.

It is said that his strength and vitality are best described as being 'extremely powerful', to which he is impervious to any material, technique, or deception.

Despite having the highest authority, he does not seem to have any interest in controlling areas outside of his own territory.

Because he is fond of taking walks at dawn, he continues to dwell in Pandemonium. [1][2]


Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

Prior to the events of the main story, Cain was once a resident of the planet Grandvlad, a savage world dominated by power, which is inhabited by all sorts of monsters and giants. One day, as Pandemonium drifted through the universe, it suddenly arrived at this nearby planet, and connected the two worlds. Soon after, countless monsters and giants climbed onto the land of Pandemonium, as they needlessly slaughtered the Pandemonian people and destroyed its buildings.

As Pandemonium fell into chaos, Cain appeared, as if like a god who descended from heaven, and annihilated all the monsters. Just as he was about to leave, Hilder asked for him to stay in Pandemonium, and offered him the Water of Life in exchange. Although the events that conspired during their confrontation remains a mystery, since then, Cain made his residence the Union Square in East Brooklyn.

While in Pandemonium, Cain acted as its king and guardian. As Pandemonium drifted through dimensional space, it was attacked by various monsters of different dimensions. Cain stepped forth to fend off the alien invaders, and almost annihilated them all, with a few exceptions. These exceptions would later be known as the 'Apostles.'

Cain vs. Isys-Prey

The first survivor Cain encountered was a being known as Isys-Prey who came to Pandemonium with the intention of destroying it. Having stopped creature, Cain and Isys-Prey ensued in a battle that would last several days, having no definitive winner or loser. Having recognized each other's strengths, the two individuals parted ways, ending the struggle with a draw.

Another challenger approached Cain afterward, a creature known as Kasijas the Conqueror, known as the strongest swordsman who never been defeated. However, his fighting skills and experience had no effect. Although the battle had not yet been decided, Kasijas felt shame and admitted defeat.

After many years, Cain participated in stopping the former Apostle Bakal in the Dragon War. He and the other Apostles surrounded Bakal and destroyed the Dragonoid Army. As Bakal attempted to flee, Cain readied an attack to strike the charging dragon, only to be stopped suddenly; thus allowing Bakal to escape. It was then, Cain learned firsthand, despite his overwhelming powers, he was subjected to the laws of the Apostles, to which they cannot kill each other.

As the centuries passed, Cain isolated himself from the public eye, remaining in his sanctum in Union Square. Legends of his heroic exploits were passed down by the residents of Pandemonium from generation to generation, causing him to be regarded as a myth and a hero. The denizens believe that one day, he will descend upon Pandemonium, save its people, and transform the unforgiving landscape into a rich, fertile paradise.


  • In the DFOG version, Cain's English title, "The One Who Fears Death", is a mistranslation.
    • In the Korean version, Cain is known as "죽음이 두려워하는 자" or "The One Whom Death Fears".
      • "The One Who Fears Death" would be written as "죽음을 두려워하는 자".
    • In the Chinese version, Cain is known as "无畏死亡的" or "The One Who is Fearless of Death".
Whether this is an intentional translation issue on DFOG's end is up to debate.
  • In the 2006 KDnF Lore[3], Cain's lore also included the following phrase: "새벽에 산책하는 것을 좋아해서 마계에 눌러앉아 살고 있다." which translates into "Because he is fond of taking walks at dawn, he continues to dwell in Pandemonium." Future iterations do not include this phrase. Whether this is still canon is up to debate.
  • Due to transliteration between Korean and English, Cain's name pronunciation often gets confused with Kane. In actuality, Cain's name is spelt '카인' (ka-in) in Korean while Kane's is spelt '케인' (ke-in), which are respectively pronounced phonetically ˈkä-ēn/ˈkīn and ˈke-ēn/ˈkān in English.
  • The Cosmo Fiends who appeared in Hell Mode were inspired by his prototype concept art.