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Kasijas, the Conqueror
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Ghostface
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Fourth Apostle
Alias N/A
Location Pandemonium
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Survive whatever fate throws at you. Become stronger. I want it to be you whom I have to fight before I fight Cain.

Kasijas, also known as The One Who Covers Steel With Blood, is the fourth Apostle of Pandemonium. He is known for his desire to challenge powerful warriors with his signature blades, even transcending dimensions in order to find strong warriors to fight.

His shade can be summoned by awakened Summoners.


Kasijas originates from the planet Echon, a world whose culture eventually degenerated to senseless combat. Kasijias arrived to Pandemonium in order to seek strong opponents after defeating everyone from his home planet. There he fought the other Apostles (excluding Lotus and Isys), who were of equal strength. Furthermore, he had finally met his match when he had challenged the first Apostle, Cain.

Upon the Adventurer's arrival in Central Park, he is found working alongside Summoner Kate in order to fight stronger opponents. He fights the Adventurer before they return to the Castle of the Dead to fight Luke, to whom he loses to. Both impressed by the Adventurer's strength and agitated by Luke's plans to destroy Arad, he follows them into the Castle of the Dead alongside Hilder.

After the Adventurer defeats Luke, Kasijas pulls them aside and warns them of Hilder's true intentions. He finally tells them to grow strong and "survive whatever fate throws at them," before explaining that he desires to fight them once again before he fights Cain again.


Request Chat (Pandemonium Junction)

  • They've gotten closer. I can sense their Fighting Spirit.
  • Tired of fighting already? Get yourself together, or you'll never survive in there.
  • This is getting more interesting. I hope it'll keep me entertained for a while.
I'll send word to the kid. Talk to him when you're ready.


  • Kasijas' name is derived from Iker Casillas, a real-world former Spanish Goalkeeper.
  • His design takes inspiration from a Oni of Japanese folklore, while sharing similarities to Asura from Hindu mythology.
  • The Agent is given a avatar costume themed after him in Advent of Apostles.
  • There are several special interactions in the story if the player is a Summoner:
    • Upon first meeting in Central Park, the Adventurer will remark that they have not seen Kasijas in-person for a long time.
    • When the Adventurer duels Kasijas, he says that he doesn't mind if they use his own shade against him.



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