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Itrenok, the Green Dragon

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Itrenok, the Green Dragon
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Sex Male
Race Dragon
Affiliation Dragonoid Legion - The Four Dragonoids
Occupation Bakal's Bodyguard
Dragonoid Legion Commander
Alias N/A
Location Castle of Bakal
Tomb of Iron
Foreign Name(s)
Korean Ver.:
이트레녹 Jilryong Iteurenok, "True Dragon Itrenok"

Chinese Ver.:

Japanese Ver.:
Likeability N/A

Itrenok, the Green Dragon (Korean: 진룡 이트레녹 Jilryong Iteurenok) is one of the many tertiary antagonists of Dungeon Fighter Online and serves a mini-boss of Castle of Bakal in the Otherverse and the boss of the Tomb of Iron in the Ispins, the Usurped Land.

He was a member of the Four Dragonoids, which were a select group of four powerful Dragonoids who served directly under the Dragon Tyrant Bakal and led the Dragonoid Legion that occupies the Empyrean continent of Ispins during the Empyrean Age of Darkness. According to Empyrean history, it is said that he along with the other members of the Four perished during the Machine Revolution.


Background Settings:

(Official Localization)

Itrenok the Green Dragon

One of the three strongest dragons that protect their king Bakal's castle.
Itrenok uses his body covered with impregnable scales as a weapon.
He's so proud of being a dragon that he looks down upon anyone who's not of his kind.
He also makes sure no one gets near his master without his approval.

— Source: DFU[1]

Story Excerpt:

진룡 이트레녹 (True dragon, Itrenog)

메마른 대지에 진동이 울려 퍼졌다.
잠깐 동안이나마 '병기'라고 불렸던 '고철'은 힘없이 무너져내렸고,
그렇게 이 황량한 사막에는 또 하나의 쓰레기가 늘었다.
고철 위에 올라탄 채 이트레녹은 머리를 사납게 헝클었다.


이트레녹은 따로 자신의 영역을 두지 않았다.
자신에게 체통과 품위를 익힐 필요가 있다며 시답잖은 소릴 하는 녀석이 그분께 천계인들의 저택을 하사받을 때에도,
음침하기 짝이 없는 땅꼬마 녀석이 거대한 숲 하나를 통째로 집어삼킬 때에도,
자신의 충성심을 보이는 것이 삶의 전부인 녀석이 스스로 문지기를 자처할 때에도,
이트레녹은 그저 여기저기 방랑하며 강해 보이는 녀석에게 싸움을 걸어댈 뿐이었다.
이따금씩 그분의 명령을 위해 궁에 드나들긴 했지만, 명령들은 언제나 귀찮고 지루한 것들 뿐이었고,
이번에도 그러한 명령을 받을 거라 생각했다.
하지만 적어도, 이번에 들은 명령만큼은 이트레녹의 가슴을 쿵쾅거리게 했다.
낯선 곳에서 온 자들이라니...! 그분께서 신경 쓸 정도의 존재라면 도대체 얼마나 강한 것일까.
만약 그들을 만난다면, 결코 쉽게 죽이지 않을 것이다.

분노라는 거친 감정이 이트레녹은 썩 나쁘지 않았다.
버러지 같은 것들이 감히 자신에게 모욕적인 말을 쏟아내는 것이 기분이 나쁘기도 하였지만
종국에 자신이 무력했음을 실감하고 절망하는 녀석들을 보고 있노라면 자신이 얼마나 강한지를 새삼 깨닫게 해주었고,
그때의 고양감은 마치 자신이 전능하다고 느껴지기까지 했다.

그러니까, 자신의 흥미가 다할 때까지, 천천히, 아주 천천히 그 힘을 다 내보일 수 있도록 세심하게 다룰 것이다.
전투가 길어져 그들이 지친다면, 다시 힘을 낼 수 있도록 가장 소중한 것을 빼앗을 것이다.
인간이란 본디 그런 것에 분노하는 이해할 수 없는 종족이니까.

...라는 생각을 잠시 동안 했었다.
부푸는 마음을 안고 철의 무덤으로 달려왔건만, 보이는 건 고철과 고철이 될 예정인 것들뿐이었다.
이따금씩 같잖은 유기물들이 무언가를 열심히 쏴대는 것이 어렴풋이 느껴지긴 했지만
그마저도 이내 쓰러진 고철 밑에선 잠잠해졌다.

이제 '철의 무덤'을 '철의 바다'라고 불러야 하지 않을까 고민이 들 때쯤이 되어서야
이트레녹은 신경조차 쓰지 않았던 유기물들 중에 강자가 숨어있지 않을까 하는 기대를 품기 시작했고
그마저도 얼마 지나지 않아 자신의 헛된 바람임을 깨달았다.

익숙한 기계의 기동음이 또다시 들려왔다.
아아... 저 녀석도 또 지루하기 짝이 없는 녀석이겠지.

이트레녹은 높이 도약했고, 이내 지축을 뒤흔들며 또 하나의 고철을 만들어냈다.

제발, 부디 여기로 오너라. 낯선 곳에서 온 자들아.
내가 기다린 만큼 너희는 날 즐겁게 해주어야 할 테니.

— Source: 시즌 8 Act 2. 빼앗긴 땅, 이스핀즈[2]


Original History

Revised History - Origin

As an Enemy

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Itrenok, the Green Dragon
Itrenok Ispins Sprite.gif
TypeDragon.png TypeHuman.png


Move Set

Phase 1 - 3 (Raging)

  • Earth Tremor: Itrenok's main pattern. Throughout all of his entire fight, he'll get into a charging position with the casting gauge above him. Once the gauge is filled, he begins stomping the ground that not only deals a considerable amount of damage, but will constantly use this pattern in different variations during later phases.
  • Unstable Land Patch: Whenever Itrenok does any of his Earth Tremors, there'll be several green circles on the ground that can be simply cleared out if players stay on them for a few seconds. However, any unattended circles can change red upon his Tremor attack that can drain HP and inflicts Slow Down (Status).png Slow (Status) on coming into a contact.
  • Heel Strike: Itrenok lifts his leg, charges up and slams it down on the ground. Afterwards, a large rock protrudes from above and goes airborne for a bit before he'll kick it forward.
  • Tail Whip: Within close range, he can perform a spinning 360 degree rotation with his tail. Upon Phases 2-3, the pattern will produce dust clouds that inflicts a Blind (Status).png Blind (Status) towards anyone who's hit by them.
  • Windmill Spin: Itrenok gets into a charging position as he performs a spinning attack. In later phases, this pattern is extended for much longer as he chases down random party members.
  • Lion's Roar: Similar to the Male Nen Master's skill, Itrenok gets into a charging stance and launches out a frontal battle cry. While this can easily be avoided by stay behind him, coming into contact with the attack's range can damage anyone and pushes them back.
  • Roar: Upon reaching 60% of his HP. Itrenok dashes to the middle section as prepares for an AoE Roar that includes a large red circle below him. Before he prepares to cast the attack, damaging him repeatedly can both shrink the circle and reduce his roaring range.
  • Pursuit Rush: Very identical to Wordsworth's pattern from Pandemonium War, Itrenok gets into a position and tries following a random player to rush at them. If there are rock pillars that weren't destroyed by his Roar, he'll get knocked back into a mini-groggy state. Otherwise, he'll rush to either side of the map, leaps airborne and does a Earth Tremor. Upon reaching the Raging Phase, this pattern will no longer be used.
  • Limit Break: When Itrenok's HP reaches a certain threshold during Phases 1 and 2, a progress bar appears on the upper screen that'll increase by 2% regardless if he's damaged or not. Once the bar hits 100%, he'll began a series of performing kicking-oriented Earth Tremors by chasing after party members at least two times before he's finished. The gauge goes away once he begins to enter Phase 3.


  • While not extremely gimmick-heavy like his Dragonoid allies, Itrenok's fight is more focused on paying attention to how he executes Earth Tremor and avoiding several of his AoE-specific patterns.




Itrenok's Otherverse Art Itrenok's Ispins Art


Castle of Bakal Sprite Ispins Sprite


  • In the foreign versions, Itrenok's moniker is 'True Dragon 진룡(眞龍)', though in the Arad Senki: Official Fanbook, he is referred to as the 'Quakedragon'.