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Dark Side

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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

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Dark Side
Dark Side.png
Location Interdimensional Rift
Min. Level 70
Level 70-86
Monster Level 70-80
End Boss Ozma of Chaos


Ozma, defeated in the Black Crusade, was banished to the Otherverse along with his army and the entire Dark Side. Now, Dungeon Fighters race to Dark Side to battle Ozma before he can escape his prison. But one man stands in their way...


Lore of Dark Side


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Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:



This particular Otherverse dungeon relies heavily on Party coordination. The gimmicks here can be extremely painful if just one person does not know how to handle them.

Recommend Items

Room 1

  • Skewer
  • Sawtooth
  • Scissorhands
  • Finthurs

This room is simple. Just kill all the enemies to move onto the next room.

Room 2

  • Despairing Tiamat

Tiamat is the first named monster you will face. His main attack consists of inflicting bleed wit his spear. He will shift his defenses often making him rather hard to burst down. He will also move a ton, knock down players, and can teleport as well as Stealth himself.

On top of this, Tiamat also has a a load of tricks up his sleeve:

Vortex of Despair: Creates a vacuum effect to all nearby players. Players within the portal's X-axis cannot move to the Y-axis while the portal is in effect.

Cloak of Despair: Tiamat will shout "I will drain all your blood!" before 3 players are snared in place taking damage. The free player must collect Red Health Orbs to heal allies. Damage will be inflicted at the end of the skill depending on how many orbs the free player collected. Tiamat is invincible throughout the skill's duration.

  • Note: You can throw a Skytree Nut at trapped players to free them.

Sickle of Despair: Only occurs when Tiamat is at 30% or less. Players must attack one another to get rid reapers above their characters. Failure to do so will result in instant death for party members with the status. Tiamat is invincible throughout the skill's duration.

  • Note: Beware of using skills that cause repentance effect such as Loyal Servant.png Loyal Servant or Hammer of Repentance.png Hammer of Repentance during this attack. Once the attack ends, party members may still be under the effect of the repentance effect and be able to inflict damage on party members. Given the difference in defense and health between monsters and players, nearly any attack will be lethal.

Room 3

  • Destructive Berias

Berias is the second named monster you will face. His attacks consist of knocking players back very far and going invulnerable to fire ruptures from the ground.

Upon attacking him, he will take very little damage from all sources. The trick to this room is to attack him until his armor "cracks" and he will spawn a Twister on himself and will summon 7 Ghosts of Destruction. The Ghosts of Destruction will then attach themselves to players. These Ghosts allow the Players to hit Berias but will also increase how much damage Berias deals to them. Every single one of Berias's attacks can knock off the Ghosts if a player is hit while having one attached. All 7 Ghosts must be attached for Berias to start taking damage.

  • NOTE: Players can only deal damage to him if they have a Ghost attached. All 7 Ghosts do not have to be attached to 1 player in order for Berias to take damage, they can be attached to multiple party members. Players without ghosts can still superhold Berias.

Room 4

  • Horrendous Astaros

Astaros is the third named monster you will face and can be very tricky to deal with. Her main attack consists of running behind players and hitting them with a flurry of attacks before teleporting to the next player and repeating.

Upon entering the room, she will go invulnerable and will start channeling. When she finishes her channel, she will gain Dark Souls and will spawn named monsters called Fear of Death. The Dark Souls will reduce how much damage she takes and can only be removed from her by Counter Attacking her. Successfully attacking her while she has a dark soul will cause her to immediately teleport to attack another player. The Fear of Death have one attack and that is to explode upon contact with a player. If a player is affected by their explosion, they will have grasping hands at their feet that will gradually slow down their movement speed, cast speed, and attack speed to the point where they are frozen. These hands cannot be cleansed at all so extreme caution must be taken near them.

  • Note: You can superhold Astaros at the beginning of the room to try to prevent her from summoning Fears of Death.
  • Note: Players effected by the Fear of Death's explosion have the animations extended. If timed properly, a player could hold Astaros down completely by becoming frozen midway through a grabbing animation.

Room 5

  • Michael of the Holy Eye

Michael is the 10th Apostle and can be unforgiving against a party that does not know his gimmicks:

Coin: A coin appears above the player's head. If the coin is gold, stick together. If the coin is silver, separate. Failure to follow the coin will cause an explosion or lightning hit all players. In addition, nearby players can take damage from explosions and lightning meant for other players. Michael can flip the coins multiple times during the battle.

  • Note: These coins can be hard to see. It is recommended to play this room with Sound since they make a very loud noise when they flip.

Advent of the Archangel: Michael casts a pentacle under party member's feet. If players don't move they will be struck by a lightning bolt that results in instant death.

Resurrection: Michael revives upon being defeated, gaining permanent super armor.

His attacks consist of mixture of Priest skills. He will immediately cast Will Driver.png Will Driver upon entering the room which will boost his stats while he is standing in its radius. He will use basic attacks and modified versions of Ducking Straight Punch.png Ducking Straight Punch and Ducking Body Blow.png Ducking Body Blow. If a player is too far away from him, he will cast a massive version of Hammer of Repentance.png Hammer of Repentance which will deal huge damage and will stun. He will also cast a version of Light of Divinity.png Light of Divinity that soaks up both Physical and Magical Damage. He can also avoid damage by using Ducking Dash.png Ducking Dash. The strategy is to play around the Coin and try to burst him down as soon as possible.

Room 6 (Boss Room)

  • Ozma of Chaos

Pre Act 5 part 1:

Ozma is the 12th [Apostle] and can be absolutely brutal to unorganized parties unaware of his gimmicks. He is considered the hardest Otherverse bosses for most players.

His attacks consist of firing slow moving bolts of Shadow Energy and summoning pillars that have a high chance to inflict Confusion and Slow on players hit by them. On top of these hard hitting attacks, he has some notable gimmicks:

Cloak of Darkness: Causes Ozma to be immune to damage. Can be taken away temporarily after being hit by 50 attacks, causing Ozma to be stunned and susceptible to damage.

  • Absolutely important note: Do not stun or superhold Ozma too early after his cloak breaks. Doing this will make him go invulnerable and will reset his cloak resulting in you needing to hit him 50 times again. However, near the end of his cast, you can extend his vulnerable period with superholds (but not stuns).

Phases and Player Impostor Transformations:

  • Phase 1: Aura of Betrayal: Approximately 10 seconds into the fight, Ozma sends out a pillar of dark energy transforming one of the players (typically whoever's in the first player slot; if that player is dead, it would be Player 2, and so on) into Skewer. During this phase, all party members' attacks and skills harm one another while affected by the aura. The Skewer player must attack the other party members with the Aura of Betrayal skill to lift the curse.
  • Note: Parties without a way to interrupt Ozma may want to avoid attacking at all until this phase is over to avoid killing each other.
  • Phase 2: Dimensional Breakaway: About 10 seconds after the Impostor detransforms, Ozma sends out a pillar of dark energy transforming one of the four players into a Sawtooth. During this phase, Ozma will constantly teleport players around the map every 5 seconds. The Sawtooth player must cast Space Restoration skill near Ozma to lift the curse.
  • Note: Make absolutely sure that the curse is broken! The 'Space Restoration' skill can be a bit finicky about hitting at times. You'll know it's hit when the Sawtooth player says "Space has been restored".
  • Phase 3: Exchanging Sights: About 10 seconds after the Impostor detransforms, Ozma sends out a pillar of dark energy transforming a party member into a Scissorhands. During this 3rd phase, players will be blinded and will have their camera switched with another player in the party. The Scissorhands player must cast their second skill on players, as well as Ozma to remove the blind and swapped vision.
  • Phase 4: Unnamed: About ten seconds after the Impostor detransforms, Ozma sends out a pillar of dark energy transforming a party member into the Impostor Finthers. This player can instantly remove Cloak of Darkness by hitting Ozma with their first skill. About 10 seconds after this player detransforms, Phase 1 (Aura of Betrayal) will begin again; take care not to have any lasting AoEs or aggressive summons on the field at this point, as they can and will kill your party very quickly. Phases 1 through 4 cycle indefinitely until Ozma is defeated.
  • Note: The Phases can be skipped if Ozma is disabled by skills before it is his time to cast them. Skills such as Ground Quaker.png Ground Quaker, Junk Spin.png Junk Spin, and Resonance (Chaos).png Resonance can disable Ozma but must be timed properly. However, these skills can also mess up his vulnerability when his Cloak is broken, so decide which phases to skip beforehand.

Post Act 5 part 1: Ozma's battle is extremely different after the Act 5 part 1 update. Ozma remains stationary and invincible at the center of the screen. There are four pillars, one at each corner of the screen. One of them is golden and purified. Ozma will slowly cast a spell that curses the player, turning the player into a demon. this is indicated by the pink gauge above the player's head. When the gauge is full, the player turns into a demon and the player has to purge the curse by standing by a purified pillar.

The player needs to damage the other pillars, depleting their HP until they are also purified. Purifying a pillar releases either Tiamat, Astoreth, or Berias, who are all invincible. Once all the pillars are purified, Ozma will lose invincibility and can be damaged. Ozma has less HP than previously, so this stage of the battle goes by quickly.

In general Ozma is way easier than before.

Act 7 part 3: Ozma was altered to be more like Pre Act 5 part 1, meaning the pillars and sub-bosses of Act 5 part 1 have been removed. Ozma is in room and summons regular enemies. He doesn't have invincibility or any gimmicks anymore.


  • Scissorhands
  • Skewer
  • Sawtooth
  • Finthurs



Ozma of Chaos.gif

Ozma of Chaos