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The Apostles are powerful beings that play a major role in DFO's backstory. The Apostles are a diverse group of 13, each with varying powers and abilities. They come from various worlds, and were given the name "Apostles" from the residents of Pandemonium. The Apostles came and claimed various parts of Pandemonium, calling them their own. However, an event occurred causing several of the Apostles to "transfer" into various parts of Arad and Empyrean, generally causing problems for the land and setting up the events of the game.

It's somewhat difficult to gauge just how strong they truly are, but are considered somewhere along the lines of demigods. All of the Apostles are unified by a unique aura; it's also because of this aura that any Apostle cannot kill another directly.

First Apostle: Cain the Fatality

Also known as The One Who Fears Death.

The strongest Apostle of all, Cain is the king of Pandemonium. No one dares to stand against him. No traps or magic can overcome his absolute strength and vitality. Even though he is the strongest being in all of Pandemonium, he has no interest in invading the surrounding areas around Union Square, where he resides.

Second Apostle: Crying Eyes Hilder

Also known as The One Who Hides A Brightly Shining Dew On Her Two Faces.

Unable to forget what happened to her beautiful homeland and her family, Hilder is considered to be the first being to use the forces of Nature to create magic. She holds all knowledge of Pandemonium's history and endeavors to rebuild Pandemonium to its original state. She has the power to stay out of harm's way and possesses telepathy, which is why she takes on the deed to unite Pandemonium's residents and prevent conflict. Although she has weaker fighting abilities than most of the other Apostles, due to the above traits, the people of Pandemonium still consider her as the Second Apostle.

Third Apostle: Isys-Freye of the Blue Sky

Also known as The One Who Will Never Set His Feet On The Land.

Isys originally lived in a place that was ruled by a race that soars the skies. Due to the odd changes to his world, he flew to a height no others in his world could, and while scouting the azure skies, he discovered the existence of Pandemonium. There, he found Cain and during the fierce battle between the two, Pandemonium drifted away from his home. Thus, Isys became a resident of Pandemonium.

In the Korean version of the game, Isys's name is spelled Isis.

Fourth Apostle: Kasijas the Conqueror

Also known as The One Who Covers Steel With Blood.

Belonging to a race which battle is the meaning of life, Kasijas arrived at Pandemonium trying to find stronger opponents after defeating all others on his planet. He fought every Apostle he could find in Pandemonium (excluding Lotus and Isys) and found that he could barely defeat his opponents. Furthermore, upon fighting Cain, Kasijas lost to his overwhelming powers and now fears him a lot. Whenever Pandemonium clings on to another world, he eagerly seeks opponents to battle with. He is about 1.5 times bigger than a regular human being and wields two swords. From his battle experience, he can be seen as one of the strongest creatures that ever existed. Upon hearing that there are powerful creatures in the Land of Arad, he made a contract with the Summoner and is ready to be summoned to the Land of Arad, looking for a good challenge and to become much stronger to defeat Cain one day. He agrees to be available to be summoned for the opportunity of finding worthy battles. However, he only sends fragments of himself to Summoners he makes contracts with, which explains why his power varies depending on the Summoner involved.

Fifth Apostle: Sirocco of Intangible

Also known as The One Who Possesses Hundreds Of Faces, Yet Is Invisible.

The first of the Apostles to be transferred to Arad. Her arrival is the reason many of the major events in Arad have come to fruition. Wherever her powers arrive, the world will change. She holds the power to change the world around her. She can only freely move around warm areas, so she resides in the Metro Center in Pandemonium. Because of this, she often fights Anton for energy.

However, when she was transferred to Arad, arriving in the Screaming Cavern, she went insane. She nearly wiped out the Nugols living in the cavern and created an unstable environment. Eventually, the Empire sent its best soldiers, including the four Legendary Weapon Masters, to investigate the place. Unfortunately, most of the investigation party succumbed to Sirocco's overwhelming power, and Roxy, a Dark Elf Beserker, unleashed the full power of Kazan's Blood Curse to put an end to Sirocco once and for all. However, this act ended up costing Roxy her life in the process.

Sixth Apostle: Delezie, Plagued Apostle

Also known as The One Who Spills Dirty Blood.

The source of all diseases, Delezie has the power to turn living things into dust. They are also known as the only immortal Apostle ever, that even Dungeon Fighters aren't able to kill them completely. They were rejected by the residents of Pandemonium after spreading the flu and the Black Death and chased away by other Apostles, ending up residing in the north area of Bronx. They avoid picking fights with the Apostles, unless their life is on the line. Delezie is another one of the Apostles that was transferred to Arad. It appeared in North Myre, literally turning the place into a living hell.

A portion of Delezie's power also appeared in Noire Ferra, ruining the Dark Elf city and transforming much of Aphelia into monsters, cursed by Delezie's Plague. There, a phantasm of Delezie materialized, causing much torment and destruction before eventually being defeated by adventurers.

Delezie met their end in Reshpon, Village of Pain, after being defeated by heroes wielding the divine protection of Hilder. Delezie was cast into an Interdimensional Rift and thrown into a space vacuum, utterly annihilating them.

Seventh Apostle: Flame Eater Anton

Also known as The One Who Can Reach The End Of The World By Stretching His Body.

The largest Apostle in Pandemonium, Anton's body is large enough to cover a whole area in Pandemonium. Just before his world was destroyed, he used all of his power to pull himself onto Pandemonium, which had appeared around his world when it was destroyed. He resides in Metro Center and consumes the energy that is generated every once a while. Whenever he falls asleep, Pandemonium will glow like it is on fire. This is the only time when people in the land of Empyrean can see Pandemonium, which the Empyreans call "the mirage of an upside down city."

Anton was later transferred to the land of Empyrean and went to the Power Station to continue his feast on energy. Because of Anton, the Kartels were able to obtain a major advantage over the forces in Ghent, due to the loss of power.

Eighth Apostle: Gangling Lotus

Also known as The One Who Can Carry Thousands of Weapons At Once.

Originally from an ocean world. Lotus was also transferred to Arad while hibernating, but landed on the Behemoth, startling it and sending it to the skies. From there, Lotus woke up to find himself in an unfamiliar place. After finding out where he was exactly, Lotus started to use his mind-control powers to take over the minds of the members of the GBL, who resided on Behemoth. At this time, Lotus was in a highly weakened state. He is believed to be at roughly 10% of his true power when he first fights the Adventurer in Behemoth. A counterpart of Lotus in Mirror Arad is fought at full power.

Lotus met his end in both dimensions after the heroes overcame his forces and mind control abilities. With his parting words, he mentioned that his death had been foretold long time ago, including the death of his friend, Sirocco.

Ninth Apostle: Luke the Constructor

Also known as The One Who Touches Earth Without A Word.

The current Ninth Apostle. Ever since his birth, Luke's blood drove him into a life of endless constructing. The Second Apostle, Hilder, witnessed his abilities and asked him to rebuild Pandemonium. The progress is slow because he is doing this job alone, though. He is currently rebuilding Metro Center that used to belong to Anton and trying to supply Pandemonium with constant energy. It is said that he was being pressured by Bakal 1000 years ago to build the Castle of the Dead for him, which connects the land of Pandemonium and the land of Empyrean, but the truth is, he built the place of his own free will.

While much about Luke still remains unknown, it was him who showed Bakal many events of the future, including the death of the Apostles, and what that entailed.

Dragon King Bakal

Also known as The One Who Breathes Fire.

The former Ninth Apostle, Bakal tried to take over the land of Empyrean. However, he was eventually defeated and killed.

Due to his wish to conquer the whole land of Pandemonium, Bakal was no longer considered an Apostle. Because of this, Bakal declared the Dragon War with his Dragonoid army to gain the Water of Life, which would make him immortal. However, he was fought off by the combined efforts of Hilder and the residents of Pandemonium. He then escaped to Empyrean using the City of Death that he had Luke made, and sealed away all means of getting to Empyrean from Arad, causing the Sky Tower to disappear. He also conquered Empyrean and forbade the use of magic, so the Empyreans wouldn't be able to defy him. He built a castle for himself and made an army out of the Soldiers of Light. Since magic was forbidden, the people developed high quality technology, especially machines. The Mechanics of Empyrean eventually defeated Bakal and his Army of Light, ending his reign of terror. Bakal's scream, before his death, split Empyrean into several pieces, many parts falling on Arad, around where North Myre is. Bakal's castle floated away from Empyrean and can sometimes be seen on a sunny day. It is currently known as the Floating Castle.

Later, it turns out that Bakal was merely acting on behalf of the living beings on Arad. After being shown visions of the future in which many of the Apostles and himself were to be slain and Arad would be sacrificed in order to restore Pandemonium, Bakal took it upon himself to take over Empyrean and make its inhabitants strong enough to prevent the eventual destruction. However, Bakal didn't count on Hilder sending heroes from 500 years in the future to come back in time and defeat him.

Bakal also had four sons: Ash Core, Numak, Itrenok and Neiser and created the the three legendary dragons, Skasa the Ice Dragon, Death Dragon Spirazzi, and Hismark.

Tenth Apostle: Michael of the Holy Eye

Also known as The One Who Sees The Truth.

The Tenth Apostle. The creator of the Priest Class and the leader of the Order of the Holy Eye. He was a General in the battle known as the Black Crusade. Michael is also responsible for sealing away Ozma many years ago. Because he stopped aging when he was granted his powers from his God at an early age, Michael has the appearance of a young man despite being much older than he appears.

Michael currently holds guard over Ozma in Dark Side, unable to truly kill him. However, he stands ever present of the plans already set in motion, aware that Ozma's death could spell destruction for the rest of the world.

Eleventh Apostle: Ozma of Chaos

Also known as The One Who Resurrected.

The Eleventh Apostle. Formerly a human wielder of magic of the Pelos Empire, he and Kazan slayed the Berserk Dragon Hismar in Arad Year 152. Although they were celebrated as national heroes, the Emperor became paranoid of the two individuals growing influence and feared being overthrown. So, the Emperor devised a plot: he framed Kazan for treason and sent Ozma to pursue him. Tired and weakened from fighting each other in battle, they were both captured by Imperial Soldiers.

Afterward, the Emperor sentenced both Ozma and Kazan's family to be executed. Kazan was banished while Ozma was imprisoned and sentenced to execution. While imprisoned and hearing news of the death of his family, Ozma devoted his soul to anger and revenge, and he accepted evil powers from a Reaper and was resurrected as the God of Chaos. Using his newfound powers, he created the Curse of Blood, turning his enemies into Imposters and making them betray their allies. This curse made men distrust one another and plunged the world into period of chaos. Eventually, Ozma's efforts led to the ruin of the once great Pelos Empire.

At some point later, Ozma reunited with Kazan. Acknowledging their past friendship, he released Kazan from his human form and offered him an opportunity to join his Army of Darkness. Having gave up on humanity, Kazan refused his offer and the two parted ways. Kazan became the God of Destruction spreading his curse of the Ghost Arm while Ozma became the God of Chaos spreading his Blood Curse and continued his pursuit to create his Army of Darkness to wipe out humanity.

With his powers, he brought much destruction and chaos to Arad before eventually being sealed by Michael in another dimension during the Black Crusade. It is because of Ozma that the Imposters were created and the Cosmos Demons descended to Arad. Ozma was also the one who cursed Kazan and brought about his Blood Curse, and was responsible for giving the Priest a grave curse, making the Priest become an Avenger. The same effect also took turn to Grandis's brother, Nilvas Gracia, who was a foe in Black Crusade and is currently found in the Land of Memories in Roschest.

Ozma was eventually defeated by heroes who had wandered into the Dark Side.

Twelfth Apostle

Also known as The One Who Knows All Secrets.

Currently unknown at this time.