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Deathly Harbor (Epic Quests)

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Appearance of a Mysterious Island

Level 25
Quest Giver Seria Kirmin
Briefing Seria: "Ah, <Player>! Have you heard the news? A strange island rose out of the waters of Arad, and it's filled with treasures. A lot of Dungeon Fighters already left for the island for the prospect of wealth. <Player>, how'd you like to join them? Joah Ferrero is recruiting Dungeon Fighters that can search the island for him. You should go meet him."
Objectives Meet Joah Ferrero in Underfoot Plaza.
Upon Completion Joah: "Ah, hello. I'm Joah Ferrero, a trader. There's no place in Arad that I haven't been. How'd you like to join me on an exciting treasure hunt?"
  • Expicon.png 26,950 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 121 Gold

Mystical Metastatic Crystal

Level 25
Quest Giver Joah Ferrero
Dungeon Forgotten Land
Briefing Joah: "No one knows when or how the island was created. It doesn't even exist on maps, hence its name, Forgotten Land. Your job is simple: investigate the Forgotten Land and collect Metastatic Crystals and other objects for me. I'll pay you accordingly, and you can have everything else except the stuff I want. So this isn't a losing business for you, hah hah! Just remember you must leave the Forgotten Land every 8 days before the Imperial Army visits for an inspection. Now, are you ready to leave? Our first destination is the Deathly Harbor. Would you find Blue Metastatic Crystals from the monsters? If you need advice, just talk to me in Forgotten Land."
Objectives Collect 30 Topaz Metastatic Crystal while in the Deathly Harbor. (The Quest items are dropped from monsters in the Forgotten Land, which is accessible through Joah Ferrero.)

-Recommended Level: 25

  • Topaz Metastatic Crystal: 0/30
Dungeon Dialogue Upon arriving in the Forgotten Land:
Joah: "Finally, we're here. I'll wait here while you collect crystals. The Imperial Army comes for an inspection in 8 days. We have to go back before then. Got it?"

Upon entering Deathly Harbor:
<Player>: "What's with this water?"

Upon leaving Forgotten Land:
Joah: "Time's up. Let's leave before the Imperial Army catches us."
Upon Completion Joah: "Wow, you've brought so many Metastatic Crystals. Good job. Keep bringing me the crystals, and I'll trade them for the finest merchandise of mine. Different types of crystals are found in different places, so hunt in the place that produces the colored crystals you want."
  • Expicon.png 2,695 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 1,815 Gold
  • Joah Ferrero's Gold Pot.png Joah Ferrero's Gold Pot
Notes Topaz Metastatic Crystals drop from monsters in Deathly Harbor and Sea of Chaos.

Upon completion of this quest, the following will occur:

Abducted Mermaid

Level 25
Quest Giver Joah Ferrero
Dungeon Forgotten Land
Briefing Joah: "Ah, you've noticed the saltwater pooling on the harbor ground. No one fishes in here, and yet the ground is soaked in saltwater and you can see fish scales floating on the surface. Hm, Dungeon Fighter, would you check how far this trail of water goes?"
Objectives Follow the trail of spilled water in the Deathly Harbor in the Forgotten Land to rescue a Mermaid that is held prisoner somewhere.

-Recommended Level: 25

  • Rescuing Abducted Mermaids: 0/1
Dungeon Dialogue Upon encountering the Abducted Mermaid:

Abducted Mermaid: "Kyaah! Help!"

Upon saving the Abducted Mermaid:

Abducted Mermaid: "Whew, thank you for saving me. Strange monsters invaded the sea and killed many of my kind. I came ashore under the Guardian's order to seek help, but then I got in this mess. Oh, would you help us? Thank you so much! Let me teleport you right away!"
Upon Completion Joah: "You've opened up a path into the sea. Incredible!"
  • Expicon.png 2,695 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 1,815 Gold
  • Topaz Invitation Envelope.png Topaz Invitation Envelope
Notes Follow the trail of green seawater to find the Abducted Mermaid.


The Mermaid is located in the right most building in the 3rd Room in Deathly Harbor.

Enter the building, and you receive the following map: Deathly Harbor House Map.png

Note: The room in the top left is the only room without Phantom Ghosts. Players can strategically wait here during nightfall to avoid encountering Chaser.

The mermaid is located in the bottom right room. Upon saving the mermaid, stand near her character sprite, and she will teleport you and herself back to the starting point dock.

Note: Upon saving the Mermaid, she will grant you two keys.

Dangerous Creature in the Deep Sea

Level 25
Quest Giver Joah Ferrero
Dungeon Forgotten Land
Briefing Joah: "A monster in the water, huh? Not only does it threaten the safety of the underwater village, but it can also block the route to the island. We have to do something. Would you take care of the monster?"
Objectives Follow the Mermaid to the Sea of Chaos and defeat Abyss Hydrackle. (To enter the Sea of Chaos, rescue the Mermaid and climb up the maelstrom at the dock.)

-Recommended Level: 25

  • Abyss Hydrackle: 0/1
Dungeon Dialogue Upon teleporting back to the Dock:

Abducted Mermaid: "Please hurry. I'll summon a whirlpool that can ride into the sea."

Upon arriving in the Sea of Chaos:
Guardian Atalosia: "Oh, here comes our savior. Welcome. I am Atalosia, guardian of this world. We don't have much time. While I defend this place, I'd like you to defeat the leader of the monsters at the end of this road. If you want to go back to the land, then you can use the Mermaid's Whirlpool."

Upon returning to Guardian Atalosia after defeating Abyss Hydrackle:

Guardian Atalosia: "Welcome back. Did you really take care of the monster? Impressive! Please take this key. It opens a treasure chest somewhere on this island. If you want to go back to the land, then you can use the Mermaid's Whirlpool. Be safe on your travels."
Upon Completion Joah: "I knew you could do it, Dungeon Fighter. Now I can continue to send a ship to this place, all thanks to you."
  • Expicon.png 2,695 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 1,815 Gold
  • Topaz Invitation Envelope.png Topaz Invitation Envelope
Notes Follow the same steps as the previous quest: Save the Mermaid again. Upon teleporting to the the dock, stand near the Mermaid's character sprite. She will transport you to the Sea of Chaos via whirlpool.

Entering the Sea of Chaos will give you the following map: Aquaticruinminimap.png

Abyss Hydrackle is located in the top left room.

Note: Upon defeating Abyss Hydrackle, a green goblin dressed in gold clothing, known as the Watcher's Tower Gatekeeper, will appear and disappear. The Watcher's Tower Gatekeeper grants the player access to Watcher's Tower, if and only if the player manages to defeat all five major area boss monsters in the Forgotten Land.

Note: Upon meeting Guardian Atalosia after defeating Abyss Hydrackle, he will grant you two keys.