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Dimensional Seal

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Dimensional Seals provide permanent boosts to a player's stats. They are obtained through completion of Special Dungeon-related quests.

Icon Dungeon Area Dungeon Lv.Req Effect
Silvercrownseal.png Abnova Forgotten Forest 16 +30 STR, STA, INT, SPI, +6% Hit Rate
Sewersseal.png Meltdown Village of the Confined 26 +50 STR, STA, INT, SPI
Underfootseal.png Castaway Cave Gold King's Secret Cave 36 +60 STR, STA, INT, SPI
Behemothseal.png Inverted Waterfall Fanatics 45 +3% Movement Speed, 150 HP/MIN, 150 MP/MIN
Northernshelterseal.png Iced Wall of Resignation Frost Cave 53 +35 Independent Attack Power, +6 all Elemental Attack
Empyreanseal.png Antwer Canyon Mt.Hardt Showdown 63 +4% Hit Rate, +4% Evasion Rate
Bahnhafenseal.png Oceanic Express Pursue the Express Train 68 +8% Physical Critical Rate, +8% Magical Critical Rate
Sujuseal.png Time Gate Time Break 78 +30 Independent Attack Power, +7 to all Elemental Attack
Sloughindustrialcomplexseal.png Power Station Slote Power Plant Escape 83 +60 STR, STA, INT, SPI, +6 to all Elemental Resist
Jelvaseal.png Castle of the Dead King's Library 85 +10 STR, STA, INT, SPI