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Category:Iced Wall of Resignation Dungeons

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Iced Wall of Resignation
Iced Wall of Resignation.png
Location Northern Shelter
Min. Level 46
Level 46-55
Monster Level 46-56
End Boss Icon-Isadora.png  Isadora

Icon-Vangelis.png  Vangelis

Iced Wall of Resignation Loading Screen
Iced Wall of Resignation Map

Northern Shelter: Iced Wall of Resignation

The northern area of Arad, succeeds Inverted Waterfall, and houses many monsters from old Arad. This is an adventurer's last stop before they brave the world of Empyrean and venture into the Antwer Canyon. Adventurers settle here until they reach level 55. This area is found in Northern Shelter.


Dungeon Name Level
Bramble Garden.png Bramble Garden 46-49
Viper's Nest.png Viper's Nest 47-50
Corrupt Temple.png Corrupt Temple 48-51
Contagious Area.png Contagious Area 49-52
Black Mount Thunderime.png Black Mount Thunderime 50-53
Depth.png Depth 51-54
Endless Nightmare.png Endless Nightmare 52-55

Special Dungeon

Dungeon Name Level
Frost Cave.png Frost Cave 53-56

Quest only

Dungeon Name Level
Prophetic Dream.png Prophetic Dream 52-55

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