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Fairies act as supplementary items in dungeons. Appearance of fairies is not a fixed event; it is instead randomized for each run. Some appear out on the field, while some must be found by destroying objects in the room. The special effect of a fairy is applied to whoever consumed it by moving near it. Fairies with a heart sign, however, affect all party members. Fairies do not disappear until they are consumed, meaning it is possible to explore other rooms and return to use them when necessary.

With the Great Metastasis, the appearance of fairies are now exceedingly rare, especially on Arad. Noticeably, circles/auras can now be found on the field with the same effects as the HP/MP Replenishing Fairy, the Blessing Fairy, and the Haste Fairy, as well as other kinds which range from refreshing cooldowns or increasing jump height.

Interestingly, some fairies can be found in Mt.Hardt Showdown, whereas all other dungeons in Antwer Canyon and Oceanic Express only has the circles/auras.

Fairies are still commonly found in Another Arad, where the Great Metastasis did not occur. Most noticeably, almost all Another Arad dungeons has a Haste Fairy in their very first room, within a chest which first appears to be a trap.


Icon Name Effect
HP Fairy.gif HP Replenishing Fairy Recover HP 30%, 50%, or full
MP Fairy.gif MP Replenishing Fairy Recover MP 30%, 50%, or full
HPMPFairy.gif HP/MP Replenishing Fairy Recover HP and MP 30%, 50%, or full
Haste Fairy.gif Blessing Fairy Increases strength, stamina, intelligence, spirit.
Blessing Fairy.gif Haste Fairy Increases movement and attack speed.
Super Armor Fairy.gif Super Armor Fairy Ignores knock-back moves.
Invisible Fairy.gif Invincible Fairy Invincible from any form of attack. Side-effects from consumable items are still applied.