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Full Plate Armor Set

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Set Effects


Strength +220
Intelligence +220
Vitality +220
Spirit +220
Attack Speed +5 %
Movement Speed +5 %
Casting Speed +20 %

Bonus Damage 40% during Super Armor.

Damage from enemy attacks have a 30% chance of increasing Physical, Magical and Independent Atk. by 30. (Max Stack: 10)


Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Plate Absolute Armor Belt.png Plate Absolute Armor Belt Plate Armor Belt 85 P. Def. +2244
STR +190
INT +190
VIT +193
SPR +165
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg
Don't let the options cloud your judgement of selecting the right Equipment for you. - Woo
Plate Magic Lower Armor.png Plate Magic Lower Armor Plate Armor Bottom 85 P. Def. +5610
STR +98
INT +98
VIT +46
Legendary magic knights would wear armor like this.
Plate Range Armor Guard.png Plate Range Armor Guard Plate Armor Head/Shoulder 85 P. Def. +4488
STR +34
INT +34
VIT +37
Physical Critical Chance +7 %
Magic Critical Chance +7 %
This is good, though heavy.
Plate Wing Armor Boots.png Plate Wing Armor Boots Plate Armor Shoes 85 P. Def. +3366
STR +25
INT +25
VIT +28
Attack Speed +2 %
Movement Speed +6 %
Casting Speed +3 %
Physical Critical Chance +10 %
Magic Critical Chance +10 %
They feel so light, almost weightless. - Inacia
Plate Power Upper Armor.png Plate Power Upper Armor Plate Armor Top 85 P. Def. +6732
STR +98
INT +98
VIT +46
This armor looks solid. - Grot


  • This Level 85 Epic Armor can have its exorcism and stats scaled to Level 100 by equipping Full Guard Necklace.png Full Guard Necklace.