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Woo, the Royal Messenger

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WooIcon.png Woo, the Royal Messenger
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation Transportation
Location City of Shonan: Suju Blacksmith

Woo, the Royal Messenger, is Siran’s apprentice, and is skilled with a sword.

Since a young age, Woo has always been patient, serene, and elegant, which is what allows her to tolerate her master. She has great skills with a sword, but she is also known for her calligraphy and paintings. Her works fetch a high price outside of Shonan. She was appointed a palace swordsman at an early age, but Shonan Aska has recently asked her to spread word about the Arena Competitions to different nations. Wherever she goes, she helps investigate what happened at the Screaming Cavern. She has a close relationship with Aganzo.




  • Suju's Grand Arena is a sight to behold.
  • The City of Shonan bares many weak charms.
  • All are welcome in Suju.
  • Will you be joining the arena competition?
  • I do hope my Master comes around eventually.
  • This weather is perfect for meditating.

Conversation start

  • Greetings.
  • Is this not a fine day?
  • What is it?

Conversation end

  • I envy you and your adventures.
  • I wish you only joy and happiness in the future.
  • Our time together was well spent.