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Gold Platoni

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IconGold Platoni.png Gold Platoni


Type TypeHybrid.png ArmorTypeBuilding.png
Family Golem
Level 26
Dungeons Golem Tower
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Gold Platoni in-game portrait


Gold Platoni is a gigantic golem made out of pure gold, and is the boss of Golem Tower.

Move List

  • In addition to melee attacks, he has a charging rush attack which has a slight start-up time.
  • Can summon rock spikes to attack areas around him, similar to the Puppeteer's spike attacks.
  • Can occasionally reflect projectile attacks while charging up for attacks.
  • Casts super-armor, which can be canceled with enough offensive pressure.
  • Cannot be grabbed, launched or knocked down.


  • Grapplers are particularly useful on this boss, because their Grab Cannon will instantly negate his super-armor.
  • Gold Platoni can be stun-locked easily by 2 or more fast melee attackers. Stay on him and attack constantly and he will fall very quickly.
  • When dodging his attacks, always move on the Y-axis. His melee range is huge and his attacks have very long X-axis reach.
  • If you stay right under him and attack, he will not be able to hit you. Just move with him as he moves.