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Golems tend to be high defense, slow moving enemies, usually until the Golem Commander is killed whereupon they become Golem Souls and become fast with much lower defense. Some Golems can only be killed when they become souls; and some cannot become souls such as bosses and minibosses.

Name Description Location
Golem Soul What Golems transform into when the Golem Commander is killed. Faster than normal Golems but with less HP. Possesses a super-armored rush attack. Golem Tower
Castellan's Chamber
Bronze Golem A relatively quickly moving golem Golem Tower
Castellan's Chamber
Clay Golem Very similar to the Bronze Golem but with somewhat less health Golem Tower
Castellan's Chamber
Stone Blader Raijo Essentially the Bronze Golem with some extra attacks, such as a ranged blade attack. Golem Tower
GBL Colossus Basically a Bronze Golem used by the GBL, cannot be transformed into the Soul GBL Arad Branch
Scholar Golem Floating Golem that occasionally pounds the ground, damaging characters. Recommended to kill the Golem Commander instead of fighting these directly. Golem Tower
Castellan's Chamber
Exodus Golem Extremely large Golem, must kill the Golem Commander to defeat these Golem Tower
Gold Platoni Boss of Golem Tower. It cannot be transformed into a Soul, however it has the Soul's rush attack. Has the Bronze Golem's smash attack, as well as the Puppeteer's skill of creating pillars. Golem Tower
Ice Golem ??? Ryku Point
Thunder Golem ??? Ryku Point
Storm Golem ??? Ryku Point
Ice Golem Ryku Boss of Ryku Point Ryku Point
Ryku's Fragment Summoned from Ryku Ryku Point