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Grubeck Goblinde

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GrubeckIcon.png Grubeck Goblinde
Age 49 (Human age; Goblin age unknown, as Goblins cannot count)
Sex Male
Race Goblin
Affiliation N/A
Occupation None
Alias N/A
Location Hendon Myre Back-alley
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Grubeck Goblinde is a Goblin located in the Back-alleys of Hendon Myre. Though born with an extraordinary intelligence, he has much reason to regard this God-given gift as a curse. Disillusioned by the barbaric Goblin community in which the strong are respected and the weak shunned, he escaped the ranks of his kind to establish himself near Hendon Myre with a successful business. Due to this, his life was under constant threat from both vengeful Goblin assailants and those envious of his prodigious wealth alike.

During the Great Metastasis, Grubeck became the only Grand Flores-native Goblin, along with his friend McGee, as the rest perished in its events. Life is strictly business for him: while miserly, he is held in high regard for his reputability.


  • Quest Giver.


Item Level Binding Cost
Grilled Mushrooms.png Grilled Mushrooms 15 Untradable 3 Immature Mushroom Spores.png Immature Mushroom Spores
Mushroom Wine.png Mushroom Wine 15 Untradable 3 Immature Mushroom Spores.png Immature Mushroom Spores
Toadstool Cookie.png Toadstool Cookie 16 Untradable 5 Immature Mushroom Spores.png Immature Mushroom Spores
Goblin Anesthetic Potion.png Goblin Anesthetic Potion 1 Untradable 1 Old City Legacy.png Old City Legacy
Goblin Haste Potion.png Goblin Haste Potion 1 Untradable 1 Old City Legacy.png Old City Legacy


Request Chat

  • Some people call me a skinflint, but that's not true.
I'm a businessman; I charge what is reasonable for me and for my customers. It's selfish of those who think ill of me to expect me to give them special treatment.
So <player name>, understand my difficulty and help me run my business. You don't have to buy the most expensive thing I have, of course.
  • Welcome, customer. Are you looking for something in particular? Ask me anything. I can get you anything you want.
For a price, of course.
  • I'm a Goblin, but I'm not as stupid as other Goblins you've seen. In fact, I'm so smart that my own kind became jealous of me, enough to totally disown me.
So I said good bye and good riddance to those bastards!


  • Hey, hey.
  • Come here for a second.

Conversation start

  • Hehehe. Welcome. Welcome.
  • Shylock always has goodies for all.
  • An opportunity like this doesn't come along every day.

Conversation end

  • See you around.
  • Don't tell any Goblins we talked.


GrubeckIngame.png Lunar Festival Summer Christmas


  • Grubeck Goblinde's name was originally "Shylock Goblind". One of his lines, "Shylock always has goodies for all", confirms this. This change could be attributed to the connection between the fictional Jewish moneylender Shylock in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and Grubeck's stereotypical Jewish characteristics, namely his prominent nose, a stingy disposition, and a bespectacled and bearded appearance.
  • Grubeck's last name initially did not have an "e" at the end. It was added during early open beta period.