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Goblins are one of the first enemies one would encounter on starting this game. It usually possesses melee attacks unless it is a magic using goblin; magic users are colored either red or blue, depending on their elemental attribute

Name Description Location
Goblin Has only one weak melee attack. In higher leveled dungeons, however, it occasionally glows red, preparing for a Kamikazi attack where it blows similar to a bomb. When red, it will walk forward towards a character, and if it is not attacked and defeated during this time, will explode, killing itself and damaging characters in the process. all of Lorien
Grand Flores
Goblin Trooper Flaming Binoche spawn. In all ways similar to the Goblin except it has a fire attribute melee weapon Blazing Grakqarak
Scaredy-Goblin A weaker version of the Goblin, that becomes weaker the more other enemies are killed. Lorien Hollow
all of Grand Flores
Goblin Chief A more powerful goblin with longer reach. Also has more HP than a normal goblin, and erratic movement all of Grand Flores
Goblin Thrower A goblin that only throws stones. Boss of Lorien Forest. all of Lorien
all of Grand Flores
Goblin Chief Thrower A more powerful goblin thrower all of Grand Flores
Progue A goblin that rapidly throws stones, considerably faster than the Throwers Shadow Thunderland
Hilgave Fire elemental attribute Goblin. Throws fireballs. all of Grand Flores
Flag Hilgave A more powerful Hilgave, has flags on the back. It can charge up for a spreadshot of fireballs. Resistant to fire element attacks. Grakqarak
Blazing Grakqarak
Shadow Thunderland
Silgave Ice elemental attribute Goblin. Throws icicles that slightly target the player. all of Grand Flores
Flag Silgave A more powerful Silgave, has flags on the back. Can charge up for a bigger, more powerful ice attack. Unlike regular Silgaves, these can potentially freeze characters, making them more dangerous. Frost Mirkwood
Shadow Thunderland
Bunker Walker A special Goblin that can repair bunkers. Frost Mirkwood
Blazing Grakqarak
Kargel A goblin that throws shuriken. These harm enemies as well as allies. Vestibule of Darkness
Bomb Kargel A goblin that throws bombs. These harm enemies as well as allies. Vestibule of Darkness
Night Vision Kargel A goblin with normal melee attacks; however will attempt to turn off the lights whenever they're switched on. Vestibule of Darkness
Castellan's Chamber
Tentacle Rider A goblin that attacks from atop a He'etako. GBL Hatchery
Goblin Commander An armored goblin that attacks with a catapult and can summon Kamikaze Goblins. Ryku Point
Kamikaze Goblin A goblin that attacks with a club and will attempt to explode on Players. Summoned from Goblin Commanders. Ryku Point
Goblin Assasin A goblin that attacks from atop a chandelier. Throws shurikens and firebombs. Floating Castle
Krazy Ivan A variant of goblin with a bomb on its head. They do have a Damage Aura which can do a lot of damage if a bunch of them get too close to you. When they run low on HP, they may try to self-destruct and explode. Vilmark - Area 50
Krazy Ivan the Agitator A special variant of Krazy Ivan. Unlike his brethren, he doesn't have a damage aura, but moves quicker as a result. Once he gets low on HP, he'll turn red and move quickly to try and go kamikaze. Avoid this, as it can cause major damage. Vilmark - Area 50
Junk Thrower A homeless goblin that throws trash, carts, and other things at foes. Odessa Streets
Ranger McGee A powerful Goblin Ranger. Attacks using a Ranger's various skills. Odessa Streets
Root Dweller A goblin that throws large trees at foes. Verderia
King Galloch A royal goblin that attacks foes with a large flail. Also has a Movement Aura and blowback effect. Tower of Illusion Floor 7