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Guild Hideout

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Guild Hideout
Guild Hideout Loading Screen.png
Location Naxheim
Level Requirement Level 1-90
NPCs Court Supplier Ande, Courtier Regin
Areas Guild Dungeon
Saint Horn

Guild Hideout is an area which enables guild members to attain guild-exclusive special bonuses and items via clear Guild Dungeons. Unique bonuses include guild members being able to store items in Guild Storage to all other guild members if they are of rank Distinguished Guilds+, access to a Guild Reinforcement Machine and Guild Refinement Machine, and extra Exorcism from the Exorcism Buffer. Guild Hideout can be accessed by players in a guild between levels 1 to 90 through a portal in Elvenguard located beside Linus. Players can also access Saint Horn if they use the teleport option on the Otherverse Portal.


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Court Supplier Ande Court Supplier Ande Guild Dungeon Merchant. Sells equipment, potions, beads, etc. for Guild Contribution Certificates Guild Hideout
Courtier Regin Courtier Regin Guild Dungeon Merchant. Sells Guild Dungeon Monster Cards and Insignias Guild Hideout

Guild Dungeon

Guild Dungeon is a dungeon area in Guild Hideout. Players must be level 1 and be in a guild to enter this area. These dungeons span from level 1 to level 86.