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Saint Horn

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Saint Horn
Saint Horn Screen.png
Location Saint Horn Region
Level Requirement 70
NPCs Captain Luther, Bowmaster Ludmilla, Natalia Sue, Last Memet
Areas Area of Operations, Interdimensional Rift

Saint Horn, the Floating Town, was previously the starting location of the Female Slayer as well as the location of the Interdimensional Rift. Saint Horn is said to be the main stronghold of the resistance against the empire. You may only reach Saint Horn at level 67 through the Dock found in various towns. Players can only enter the Interdimensional Rift dungeons after finishing the side quest Side Quest Icon.png To the Saint Horn.


Map of Saint Horn Region


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Captain Luther Captain Luther Quest Giver for Ancient Dungeons, Ancient Dungeon Rewards Merchant Saint Horn Bow
Bowmaster Ludmilla Bowmaster Ludmilla Chronicle 3 Merchant Saint Horn
Natalia Sue Natalia Sue Chronicle 2 Merchant, Sword Master, Female Slayer's Rival, APC Saint Horn
Last Memet Last Memet Dark Knight and Creator's Overseer, Time Gate Guardian Saint Horn

Interdimensional Rift

Interdimensional Rift was the dungeon area in Saint Horn and is the location of the Otherverse dungeons. Players must be level 70 to enter this area. These dungeons are level 70+ and require players to have a special parameter called Exorcism in order to not be severely weakened.