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Hartz von Krueger

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HartzIcon.png Hartz von Krueger
Age 34
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Imperial Spearman;Vice-captain of the Iron Wolves.
Alias N/A
Location Zelva
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Hartz von Krueger is an Imperial Spearman serving under Vaughn, located in Zelva.


Born from a Noble Family, he started his army life following the wishes of his strict father. However, his high self-esteem and stubborn personality did not go well with his superiors. They punished Hartz by assigning him as a prison guard under the command of a very arrogant and lazy Warden. Being far away from battle, Hartz knew he had no chance in showcasing his skills and a chance of promotion was almost close to zero.

Angered by the unfair treatment, Hartz released the prisoners under his care to create trouble for his commanding officer. However, a female prisoner caused more trouble than he anticipated and the problem became bigger than expected.

Awaiting court martial, Hartz was spotted by Vaughn and gave him an opportunity to avoid indictment. Accepting the offer, Hartz was recruited under Vaughn’s command. He quickly rose through the ranks with his impressive skills and soon enough he was promoted to Assault Captain. He is also currently the vice-captain of the Iron Wolves.

His over bearing attitude has caused him to clash with Captain Vaughn on a number of occasions but his respect for the Captain and the wishes of his father has kept him from leaving.

Many would try to distance themselves from Hartz because of his rough attitude but those who have served with him, knows he is a very honest person and a loyal comrade.



Request Chat

  • They're so noisy. Can't they just shut up?
Gosh, they're so tiny, but they're loud as hell. My ears are ringing.
...Maybe I should go get rid of them all. I need to let some steam off, anyway.
  • Where are all those guys that used to challenge me all the time? I was never bored back then.
Argh, this boredom is killing me! I should've gone to some border area instead, then I could've enjoyed hunting monsters all day.


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  • He was originally the trainer for Demonic Lancer until it was assigned to Leno in Season IV: The Origin.
  • His entire name is of German orgins:
    • "Hartz" means "Heart" being derived from the word Herz.
    • "Von" on the other hand is often used as a term for nobility among families meaning Of or From.
    • "Krueger" means Tavern-keeper and is a common surname.



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