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Zelva Screen.png
Location Empyrean
Level Requirement 85
NPCs Nevillo Jurgen, Imperial Princess Isabella, Hound Cyrus, Meryl Pioneer, Hunter Von, Dana Donatel, Azalea Lott, Roy Hartwig, Eventful Erica
Areas Castle of the Dead, Luke's Laboratory
Dock, Slaugh Industrial Complex
Pandemonium Outpost


As Anton’s heart stopped beating his enormous body fell into the sea, the energy that Anton had absorbed over hundreds of years started to flow out from his decaying body.
Anton’s corpse has changed to a giant volcanic island called ‘Zelva’ which continuously erupts and spews hot molten lava, and volcanic ash without end.
Anton had died but the massive energy from its body started to flow out. This had a drastic effect on the surrounding environment. The sea started to boil and marine life began to die out. The sky shook as the Metastasis Energy spread throughout Empyrean.
Faced with a new threat, the Imperial Army headed to Anton’s body to investigate the situation. Upon arrival, they discovered the body has turned into a Volcanic Island and above it hangs upside down the Castle of the Dead which was absorbing the light from Arad and plunging it into darkness.

Map of Zelva


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Hartz von Krueger Hartz von Krueger Spearman from the De Los Empire, Investigator Joint Investigation Group Outpost
Nevillo Jurgen Nevillo Jurgen Empyrean Nobility, Investigator Joint Investigation Group Outpost
Imperial Princess Isabella Imperial Princess Isabella 3rd Princess of the De Los Empire, Investigator Joint Investigation Group Outpost
Hound Cyrus Hound Cyrus Demon Slayer of the Empire, Isabella's bodyguard, Investigator, APC Joint Investigation Group Outpost
Meryl Pioneer Meryl Pioneer One of the Seven Shards of Empyrean, Member of the Adventurer's Guild Adventurer's Guild
Hunter Von Hunter Von Hunter and Tracker of the Adventurer's Guild, Boss Unique Merchant, Cinematic Viewer Adventurer's Guild
Dana Donatel Dana Donatel Adventurer's Guild Sub-Guild Master Adventurer's Guild
Azalea Lott Azalea Lott Dungeon Fighter Association leader, Founder and Leader of the Grim Seekers Grim Seeker
Roy Hartwig Roy Hartwig "The Burning Pen", Grim Seeker Grim Seeker
Eventful Erica Eventful Erica Battle Mage, Grim Seeker Grim Seeker

Castle of the Dead

Castle of the Dead is the dungeon area in Zelva. Players must be level 85 with the appropriate Epic Quests completed to enter this area.

Inverted Watchtower.png
Luke Rinje.png
Metal Brakium.png
Salamander's Furnace.png
Banquet Hall of Light.png
King's Archive.png
Castle of the Dead Locations.png


  • Zelva's name is derived from the Hebrew word Jelva which means "God is abundance" or while combining two words “el/אֵל” = God + “shéva’/שֶׁבַע” = oath/seven = number of abundance. This may make sense to some extent, considering what happened to Anton.