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Ice Doll Sharedo

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IconIce Doll Sharedo.png Ice Doll Sharedo

SpriteIce Doll Sharedo.png

Type TypeHuman.png
Family Puppeteer
Level unknown
Dungeons Puppet Museum
Castellan's Chamber
Drops unknown
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A puppeteer that creates ice pillars. It can easily be distinguished from the other Puppeteers from its light blue color. It's health is generally around two times higher than normal Puppeteers.

Move List

  • Puppeteer Ice Spike
  • Puppeteer Stone Claw
  • Puppeteer Stone Curse
  • Puppeteer Stone Strike


  • It's marking on the ground showing where the Ice Spike will form is light blue and very hard to distinguish from the floor.
  • Recommended to focus attacks on Ice Doll Sharedo first, as the Ice Spike attack has a chance of freezing and leaving you vulnerable.
  • If you consistently stay at close range to attack it will either use Stone Claw or Stone Strike at random.