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Michelle the Telekinetic

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Icon-Michelle the Telekinetic.png Michelle the Telekinetic

Michelle the Telekinetic.png

Type TypeHuman.png
Family Cypher
Level 49
Dungeons Verderia
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Michelle the Telekinetic in-game portrait


Michelle the Telekinetic is the boss of Verderia. A boss with strange powers, it can be confusing to fight if you didn't know what her moves were.

In Mirror Arad Michelle can be found as an NPC in Northern Shelter.

Move List

  • Shoots green projectiles similar to Nen Shot.png Nen Shot. This attack knocks you very far backwards away from her.
  • Attacks with a translucent astral whip at close range, inflicting high damage. This attack knocks you very far backwards away from her.
  • Insanely powerful full-screen telekinetic explosion attack that always stuns on hit. This attack knocks you very far backwards away from her, however she rarely uses this attack unless low on health. Will also use this attack in response to certain cube skills.
  • Casts a spell that greatly reduces the movement / attack speed and elemental resistances of enemies in random areas of the room.
  • Can teleport. Is completely invincible while phasing around the room.
  • Casts Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) and summons a group of Telekinetic Chairs. She immediately uses this spell once you enter the room (so it is important to use a grab move when you see it), and rarely uses it again after that. Telekinetic Chairs float up and down in place and occasionally fire green projectiles in your direction.


  • The various pylons found in her room and the room before the boss will increase the potency of her attacks, so it's important to destroy them before focusing on her.
  • Michelle CAN and WILL teleport out of attacks if combo-ed for a long period of time. Thus, it is advised to use grabs often and keep launching her. She cannot teleport out of attacks in midair or during grabs.
  • Do not approach her directly on the X-axis; move on the Y-axis or diagonally as she has many projectiles and long-reaching melee attacks that knock you very far away if they hit you.
  • Stay close to Michelle at all times so she cannot take potshots at you from long-range. She's weak at close-range, so you should be able to defeat her quickly if you can keep the pressure on her, and keep up with her teleporting speed. Also, Michelle will always attempt to keep her distance from you if she manages to knock you away from her.
  • Her attacks can cause Stun (Status).png Stun (Status) and Slow Down (Status).png Slow (Status), making keeping up with her very difficult. Consider bringing relevant recovery potions or have a Priest to Cure.png Cure you when afflicted.
  • If you want to use cube skills, do so when Michelle is knocked down or launched. She will attempt to hit you with the Telekinetic Explosion if you use a cube skill while she's still standing.