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Momentary Slash

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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

Missing Skill Levels 21 to 23; Missing Arena info

Momentary Slash.png Momentary Slash

Active Skill

Dark Knight

  • Must be assigned an hotkey to be used.
Prerequisite Level: 40
Prerequisite Skills: Dark Fall.png Dark Fall Lv1


Dashes forward with lightning-quick speed, slashing all enemies in the way with incredible power.
The slashes enemies are temporarily immobilized and receive Shadow damage when released.


  • SP per level: 25
  • Cooldown: 20 sec (Beginning Cooldown: 30 sec in Arena)
  • This skill consumes 1 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment.
  • Basic Attack Cancelable Skill
  • Move distance: 300 px


Skill Growth


Level Lv Req MP Magic Weapon Atk.
1 40 20 2138%
2 42 31 2294%
3 44 42 2450%
4 46 53 2607%
5 48 65 2764%
6 50 76 2920%
7 52 87 3076%
8 54 99 3233%
9 56 110 3389%
10 58 121 3546%
11 60 133 3702%
12 62 144 3858%
13 64 155 4015%
14 66 166 4171%
15 68 178 4327%
16 70 189 4484%
17 72 200 4640%
18 74 212 4796%
19 76 223 4953%
20 78 234 5110%
21 80 ?? ??%
22 82 ?? ??%
23 84 ?? ??%


Dark Knight Skills
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General Skills
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