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Monster Collection

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A window showing the Monster Collection for Ispins, The Usurped Lands.

The Monster Collection is a feature implemented within Dungeon Fighter Online as part of the Season 7 patch. It is essentially a Beastiary for players who wish to know about the entries of each Monster that's shown throughout the Level 110 content. To access this Collection, go to your Inventory, Consumables (Use) tab, then click the Monster Book button on the right side. NPC Hunter Von in Zelva will also explain it through a in-game guide.

Obtaining Monster Fragments

Monster Fragment Star Piece Grades

1-Star Common 1-Star Monster Piece.png 2-Star Uncommon 2-Star Monster Piece.png 3-Star Rare 3-Star Monster Piece.png 4-Star Unique 4-Star Monster Piece.png 5-Star Legendary 5-Star Monster Piece.png

When opening up the Book tab, you'll see a variety of Monsters featured in Level 110 Normal, Advanced, Legion and Raid Dungeons that are greyed out by default, and each detail in regard to (Info | Detail | Item | Story) are locked away. By defeating those Monsters (Normal | Named/Midboss | Boss) inside their respective dungeons, they'll have a chance to reward you with Monster Star Fragments, which ranges in various rarity levels. When successfully reaching the criteria for accumulating those corresponding Monster Fragments (I.E. 5 - 10 1-Star Pieces 1-Star Monster Piece.png), you can begin unlocking their information through Star Grades from running content or optionally purchase Condensed Fragments, which are Purple-coded, tradable variants at the Auction Hall.

When selecting a Monster, you're able to see their Attack style, weaknesses, which Equipment they drop upon defeat, and animations from constant upgrades. Do keep this in mind that there are some Monsters won't show up with the Collection, unless content related to them is available through future patches.

The Inventory tab will show off a list of Fragments of the corresponding Monsters you've defeated, and there are two options available to either Refine lower grade Fragments at a chance for higher rarities, or Disassemble to break down high-graded Fragments for lower ones.


When accumulating Stars per-upgrade, you can obtain three different kinds of rewards that's featured on the Dungeon's Book, most of them tend to range from Avatar cosmetics, Transformation Consumables, Account-bound materials or Epic Equipment Selection Boxes.