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Numak, the Gold Dragon

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Numak, the Gold Dragon
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Sex Male
Race Dragon
Affiliation Dragonoid Legion - The Four Dragonoids
Occupation Bakal's Bodyguard
Dragonoid Legion Commander
Alias N/A
Location Castle of Bakal
Traitor's Mansion
Foreign Name(s)
Korean Ver.:
느마우그 Geumnyong Neumaugeu, "Gold Dragon Nemaug"

Chinese Ver.:

Japanese Ver.:
Likeability N/A

Numak, the Gold Dragon (Korean: 금룡 느마우그 Geumnyong Neumaugeu) is one of the many tertiary antagonists of Dungeon Fighter Online and serves a mini-boss of Castle of Bakal in the Otherverse and the boss of the Traitor's Mansion in the Ispins, The Usurped Lands.

He was a member of the Four Dragonoids, which were a select group of four powerful Dragonoids who served directly under the Dragon Tyrant Bakal and led the Dragonoid Legion that occupies the Empyrean continent of Ispins during the Empyrean Age of Darkness. According to Empyrean history, it is said that he along with the other members of the Four perished during the Machine Revolution.


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(Official Localization)

Numak, the Gold Dragon

One of the three strongest dragons that protect their king Bakal's castle.
Numak rarely gets its hands on enemies because the other two, Itrenok the Green Dragon and Neiser the Black Dragon, take care of them before it can.
That's why it's so happy to see intruders in its castle.
And the moment they let their guard down, it casts a powerful barrier around them and plays a deadly game with them.

— Source: DFU[1]

Story Excerpt:

금룡 느마우그 (Gold dragon, Nemaug)

벌레를 죽일 때 지을 법한 불쾌한 표정,
자신이 더 위에 있다는 쾌감을 느낄 때 짓는 옅은 미소.
느마우그는 자신이 만들어 낸 사물체에 짓이겨진 천계 연합군의 병사를 내려다보며 조용히 읊조렸다.

“천계인들은 참 야만적이군요.”

느마우그는 예의를 기준으로 남들과 자신이 다름을 표현하곤 했다.
그리고 한번 판단하고 나면 예의 없는 자들은 모두 죽여도 상관없다는 듯 쉽게 무자비해졌다.
마치 처음부터 그럴 권리가 있었던 것처럼 한 치의 주저함도 없었다.

“바칼 님에게 다녀오느라 자리를 비운 사이, 벌레들이 꼬였군요.”

병사는 고통스러워하는 동료를 보고 겁에 질려 꼼짝도 하지 못하고 서 있었다.

“그…금룡 느마우그, 어떻게 벌써 저택에…”

느마우그는 빛의 흐름을 변형시켜 순식간에 병사 앞으로 이동했다.
바로 가까이에서 용인을 본 병사는 자신의 몸이 얼어붙는 것을 느꼈다.
눈발이 휘날리는 추위 때문은 아니었다. 추위보다 서늘한 느마우그의 눈빛 때문이었다.

“당신은 꼭 방금까지 제가 어디에 있었는지 알았던 것처럼 말씀하시네요.”

감정 없이 서늘했던 느마우그의 표정이 누그러지며 약간의 온기를 품었다.
그의 주위에서 느껴지던 냉정함은 온데간데없이 사라지고, 친절함이 빈자리를 채웠다.

“천계 연합군분들이 도대체 무슨 일을 벌이고 있는 거죠?”

용인은 그 순간을 놓치지 않고 틈을 파고들어 말을 걸었다.
느마우그의 온화한 표정에 긴장이 풀린 병사는 자신도 모르게 입을 열었다.

“자, 작전이…”

줄곧 말하면 안 된다고 되뇌던 문장이 병사의 입을 통해 나오려 하고 있었다.


그때, 피투성이가 된 동료의 입에서 신음 소리가 새어 나왔다.
동료의 나지막하지만 분노에 가득 찬 소리를 들은 병사는 순간적으로 정신을 차렸다.
병사가 들고 있던 총을 앞으로 겨누자, 느마우그의 표정은 이내 비정하게 식었다.

“정말 예의라고는 찾아볼 수 없는 벌레들이네요. 남의 집에 몰래 숨어들어온 것도 모자라 난동이라니…”

느마우그의 손짓에 병사는 삶을 놓아버리며 쓰러졌다.
용인은 자신의 옷에 튄 피를 오물이 묻은 듯 바라보았다.
멀리서 저택에 남아있는 병사들이 우왕좌왕 움직이는 소리가 들려왔다.

“아직도 벌레들이 많이 남아있네요.”

느마우그가 지긋지긋한 표정을 지으며 병사들을 향해 움직이려고 할 때였다.
그는 갑자기 무언가의 기척을 느끼고 멈춰 섰다. 처음 느껴보는 낯선 힘이었다.
한참 생각에 잠겨있던 느마우그는 결정을 내린 듯 자신의 힘을 집중시키기 시작했다.
저택 주변 전체에 거대한 금빛 결계가 쳐졌고, 저택 안에 남은 병사들은 그렇게 고립되었다.

결계 밖을 유유히 빠져나온 느마우그는 눈 내리는 산을 바라보았다.

“바칼 님이 말씀하시던 그 자일지도 모르겠군요.”

빛이 일렁이더니 느마우그가 자취를 감췄다.

— Source: 시즌 8 Act 2. 빼앗긴 땅, 이스핀즈[2]


Original History

Revised History - Origin

As an Enemy

Icon-Numak, the Gold Dragon.png
Numak, the Gold Dragon
Numak Ispins Phase1.gif
TypeDragon.png TypeHuman.png

Move Set

Phase 1

  • Scattered Energy: Numak's main core pattern. During the beginning of his fight, a green percentage bar gauge appears where each time he receives any form of damage, the bar fills up and once it fills up to 100%, a Black Cube spawns out and float around towards a player. If the cube is hit by a basic attack, it'll drop out a colored crest that matches the corresponding Light Wards he creates and places randomly throughout the room, which are unbreakable by default. When picking up a crest, players have the ability to break up to a total of four Wards before it'll disperse, and they'll have to pick up another one by attacking Numak to spawn out another Black Cube. The only time the gauge doesn't increase, is when he's either activating a Berserk pattern or reaches Phase 3.
    • Yellow Crest - Destroys Yellow Wards
    • Purple Crest - Destroys Purple Wards
    • Red Crest - Destroys Red Wards
  • Light Pillar: A callback to his Otherverse's Force of Light pattern, Numak's light manipulation powers can form numerous pillars beneath the ground that functions like shock waves to protrude and damage players with an AoE advantage. He'll be doing this throughout all three phases of his fight.
  • Cube Drop: He'll create either one or more ceilings made out of Light Cubes that'll attempt to track after and crush the player for a total of three times.
  • Swirling Cubes: Numak can create several Light Cubes to form twisters above him that chases after players, while dropping smaller cubes to deal damage to them.
  • Brightening Dawn: When reaching 60% of his HP, Numak forms a Clear Cube above him in the middle section and assigns a random Colored Crest to players, as Light Pillars begin spawning upwards. To succeed in this pattern, party members must break a certain number of Pillars that goes in the following order (Yellow PillarPurple PillarRed Pillar) that matches their Crests (8 during Solo play, 16 for parties) before the timer gauge depletes. Do not break the Pillar that isn't your color, causing a AoE shock wave to appear below. If done correctly, a chunk of Numak's Neutralize Gauge is drained and is groggy for a few seconds.

Phase 2

  • Unfolded Authority: When entering Phase 2 of the fight, Numak summons down thirteen Light Pillars in a specific order. When this pattern begins, eight additional rooms are opened up outside the main boss room that's mandatory to traverse through. By doing so, everyone must find and collect a Colored Crest within Numak's Cube that's next to a clone of his that can't be hit, but is able to attack. If all Pillars are destroyed before the timer gauge empties out, he'll receive another drain to his Neutralize Gauge, resulting in being incapacitated for a few seconds.
  • Ethereal Radiance: At 60% HP, Numak will surround himself in a randomly colored Barrier (YellowPurpleRed) and somewhat identical to Unfolded Authority, players must travel around the eight rooms, collecting the matching Colored Crest from his Clones' Cubes to destroy his barrier three times before the timer gauge depletes.

Phase 3 (Radiant)

  • Jump Rope: Upon hitting his final Phase, Numak summons three or four White Prisms that fire down laser beams at party members that can inflict respectable damage going from left to right three times in total. These can avoided by jumping around when those beams approach anyone in proximity.
  • Create White Prism: No longer using colors, Numak's attacks are basically transparent and colorless, in which he's attempting to throw everything once at all party members. How this works is that, each time he uses any of his patterns, they'll each spawn out a mini White Prism that shoots laser beams aiming at a random player's position. He can also summon a large Prism to track down anyone to fire out a circular-motioned beam above them around three times.


  • Numak of the Dragonoid Four is seen as an updated take on his Otherverse fight, that has a similar usage of solving puzzle-based patterns in order to defeat him.
  • The Light Wards can be only hit with basic X-string attacks, as using skills will just phase right through them without any effect.
  • For Unfolded Authority:
    • While you're only limited to destroying four Wards during this pattern, there is a bit of a grace period that may let you attack a fifth ward around the middle row, use this to your advantage for saving time.
  • For Ethereal Radiance:
    • Due to how tedious this pattern takes to clear, parties recommend having a buffer (Crusaders/Enchantess), reserve their Awakenings (Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Final Judgment.png Final Judgment, Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Laus di Angelus.png Laus di Angelus, Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette/Curtain Call.png Curtain Call) once Unfolded Authority is finished, then burst down Numak while he's incapacitated.
    • Solo players can also skip by using a Sacred Blessing.png Sacred Blessing or revive with Life Token.png Life Token (Stage 1 only), as failing two of Numak's Berserk patterns can result in being fatally damaged, especially on Level 2 - 3 via Best Defense/Foreboding Operations Cards.

Elemental Resist/Weakness






Numak's Otherverse Art Numak's Ispins Art


Castle of Bakal Ispins Phase 1 Ispins Phase 2


  • Numak's name could be derived from Smaug, A fire-drake featured in "The Hobbit" film series which are adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien's novels.
  • His character and design motif is based on the Metallic Gold Dragon from Dungeons & Dragons.