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Operation: Hope

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Operation: Hope
Operation- Hope.png
Location Harlem - Closed Area
Min. Level 95
Level 95
Monster Level 95
End Boss No Icon.png Face Collector Bernardo
No Icon.png White Rust Sisley or No Icon.png Heavy Teacher

Operation: Hope is a farming dungeon located in Closed Area on the left side of Black Market. Players can access this dungeon when reaching Level 95 and accept the quest from Ceberin (or Zasura after completing the Side Quest Icon.png The Snake Sheds Its Skin) side quest. Until the Character Reboot update, Operation: Hope could be only be entered from the Closed Area channel.


Thanks to the Adventurer, the Kashipas had to give up their dominance over Harlem and retreat to the outskirts.

Feeling threatened, they hasten their research into the technology that combines the power of the Abyss with equipment, though their results are incomplete.

To speed up their research progress, the Royal Messenger Walkman dispatches Bernardo, Sisley, and Heavy Teacher and abducts residents from all over Harlem.

Now the Adventurer must follow these Kashipa Looting Units and rescue the Pandemonians.

Entry Requirements

  • No entry materials are required.
  • Reach Level 95.
  • 5,415+ Adventurer Fame or higher.
  • 4 Fatigue Points per room, a total of 16.
  • 1 - 4 players can enter.
  • Each character can enter three times a week and the count resets on Tuesdays.
  • Hell Mode is disabled.

Dungeon Details

Released in June 2019 during the Season 5. Act 03 Patch, Opertation: Hope consists a total of nine areas in which, you're able to select your advancing direction every time you come to an intersection. You'll always begin your progress starting off in East Slumber, from which you can move on to either the Watcher's Cliff or the Slums. From those two intersections, you can only move to the areas connected to it on the map. (Example) If you're in the Watcher's Cliff, you can move to the Laguna Desert or the Echoing Cave, but cannot travel towards Ground Zero.

Once you've defeated the Mid Boss of that area, you can move on to the next one and cannot go back once your decision is finalized. Defeat any of the three Kashipa Boss monsters of either Gray Town, Sugar Hill, or Dying Forest, thus clearing Operation: Hope. To meet and confront them, you will have to clear four different areas first.


Each time you start the dungeon, there is a mission you'll receive to gain extra Abyss Fragment.png Abyss Fragments. For example: "Defeat Lich King in The Slum." If you managed to defeat him, you'll accomplish the mission, but the reward will only be given after you cleared the dungeon by fighting the end boss regardless of which route you've taken.

Mission List

  • To the Closed Area
    • Clear East Slumber.
  • The Watching Eyes
    • Clear Watcher's Cliff.
  • The King of the Slum
    • Defeat Lich King in Slum.
  • Golem in the Salt Desert
    • Defeat Kefra in Laguna Desert.
  • Echoes in the Cave
    • Clear Echoing Cave.
  • Kashipa's Underground Passageway
    • Clear Ground Zero.
  • Instructor of Death
    • Defeat Heavy Teacher in Gray Town.
  • The Face Collector
    • Defeat Face Collector Bernardo in Sugar Hill.
  • Forbidden Researcher
    • Defeat White Rust Sisley in Dying Forest.


Sugar Hill

Dying Forest

Gray Town

Hidden Boss


  • Upon defeating either Bernardo, Sisley or Heavy Teacher, you'll receive:
    • 1 Fragmented Abyss Equipment piece.
      • If it's for your class, a epic shine will take effect.
  • Card flip rewards will yield:
    • 1 Fragmented Abyss Equipment piece.
    • 130 - 200 Abyss Fragment.png Abyss Fragments
    • Fragmented Abyss S Weapon through a special card flip.

Special Mission

Hidden Boss

  • Defeating Gluttony will have him drop:

Buff Enhancement/Fragmented Abyss

  • By accumulating Abyss Fragments and exchanging them to Ceberin's or Zasura's shop in Black Market, you can purchase chests that contains Fragmented Abyss equipment set pieces for your Dealer/Synergy subclass that reinforces their Active Buff skill effects. Buffer classes such as Saint, Seraph, Hekate & Muse aren't required to farm these.