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The World of Dungeon Fighter Online is comprised of four areas, the world of Arad, its Mirror counterpart, the world of Empyrean, and Pandemonium World of DFO.png


The world where adventurers begin their journey in Dungeon Fighter Online. Arad is home to many creatures within various environments. There are various nations throughout Arad, including The Principality of Bel Myre, the Kingdom of Fennes, the De Los Empire, Suju, and the Bantu. The Mage, Gunner, and Agent characters are not natives of Arad.

Map of Arad.png

Bel Myre Principality-North

The north of the Principality of Bel Myre features Elvenguard, a small forest town where the Adventurer begins their journey; the Valley of Fallen Souls; and Storm Pass, a town where the Bantu tribes have retreated to escape Skaska's Rampage.

Elvenguard Map.png

Bel Myre Principality-South

The south of the Principality of Bel Myre is where the capital city, Hendon Myre, is. To the east is West Coast, a small port town that has access to a port that provides transportation to other lands within and outside of Arad.

Bel Myre Principality-South.png

Kingdom of Fennes

Fennes, or the Dark Elf Kingdom, is the nation where the Dark Elves traditionally reside. On the surface lies Aphelia Post, where the outposts for both Fennes and the Principality of Bel Myre are located. The capital city of Underfoot can be found underground. The Thief is a dark elf.

Dark Elf Kingdom.png


Suju is nation that has historically been secluded from the rest of the world, only recently opening itself up thanks to the efforts of Queen Shonan Aska. The City of Shonan is the capital. The village of Kulundal can be found at the west. The Male Fighter is from Suju


Saint Horn

Saint Horn is a flying ship where a resistance group training to combat the De Los Empire can be found. The Female Slayer is a member of the Resistance.

Saint Horn.png

Mirror Arad

Mirror Arad is an alternate universe in which Arad was devastated by the Great Metastasis, severely altering the landscape of Bel Myre and Fennes. Within the world are Northern Shelter, the remains of Storm Pass; Silver Crown, a town named for its canopy of silver-leaved trees; the Sewer of Hendon Myre, and a version of Behemoth where the GBL manage to survive Apostle Lotus's attack.



Little is known about Empyrean's past, save the fact that it had been in the past a highly developed civilization with an advanced understanding in magic. A millennium before the time of Bakal's reign of terror over Empyrean, peoples of Empyrean and Arad maintained a close contact via the Sky Tower. In response to Bakal's severance of the only link to the underworld and his subsequent prohibition on magic in an attempt to suppress all forms of resistance, Empyreans cultivated a new civilization of science and technology. The Male Gunner, Female Gunner, and Agent are Empyreans.


Capital Island

Capital Island features the capital city of Empyrean, Ghent, where the Empyrean army is repelling the incursion of the Kartel, and Bahn Hafen, a port city where trains drive to and from the Lawless district and Etten Industrial Zone.

Capital Island.png

Etten Industrial Zone

Etten Industrial Zone is an island devoted to supplying the rest of Empyrean through power plants. Slaugh Industrial Complex hosts various powerplants.

Slaugh Industrial Complex.png

Sea of Twilight

Built on the remains of Anton, the outpost, Zelva, was established by three separate factions, The Joint Investigation Group which is a collaborative effort between Empyrean and the De Los Empire, The Adventurer's Guild, and the Grim Seekers, a faction that seeks to protect the Apostles. Overhead lies the Castle of the Dead, serving as the entrance into Pandemonium.

Sea of Twilight.png


Pandemonium was formerly a part of a flourishing planet named Terra. Terra's breakneck development in culture and technology soon led to a cataclysmic war, in which the warring nations promptly destroyed themselves and their home planet with an array of high-tech arsenals. The resulting destruction of the planet caused the city of Terra to break away and wander across space and time. During the city's numerous rendezvous with alien planets, various types of life form flowed in, brewing chaos and pandemonium in their midst. For this reason, people began calling Terra by its new name, Pandemonium. Pandemonium is currently in contact with Arad. The Female Mage and Male Mage are Pandemonians.

To the northwest is the Pandemonium Outpost, which is maintained by the factions from Zelva. The the southeast is Central Park, a forest maintained by Summoner Kate. To the south is Pandemonium Junction, the entrance to Echon, planet of the ghostfaces.

Pandemonium (Map).png