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Knight Robato

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RobatoIcon.png Knight Robato
Age 30
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation Female Slayer Trainer
Location Hendon Myre City Hall

Robato is a Knight in Hendon Myre City Hall that trains the Female Slayer. Originally a slayer from the De Los Empire, Robato currently acts as Empress Skardi's right-hand woman, acting on her behalf during the Principality of Bel Myre's political disputes with other nations.



Request Chat

  • I've learned the Empire Swordsmanship style. I once pledged my allegiance to the Empire.
Not any more. I don't agree with its ambitions for world domination. I still remember those children who disappeared.
  • Empire Swordsmanship is exceptional. The compilation of different swordsmanships and martial arts that the Empire collected over a long time is taught to the Imperial Knights.
If you confront the Imperial Knights, you'd better brace yourself.
  • Yes, I've helped killed Slayers. I abducted my own kind and sacrificed them for the Empire.
I'll pay for that later. I first have to appease the spirits of the Slayers I helped killed.
  • The terror of the Great Metastasis has yet to die down, and some people are trying to use that to their advantage. As someone who understands the pain of the Ghost Hand, I'm afraid of their intentions.
What do they want to do with such a terrifying power?


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