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De Los Empire

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The De Los Empire is one of the principle antagonistic forces within Dungeon Fighter Online. It is a powerful empire that is constantly seeking to expand its territory, putting it at odds with various other nations.


Formerly the Pelos Empire before it fell into ruin because of the Imposters and because the De Los faction defeated the rulers of the Pelos Empire.

The Rise of the Pelos Empire

In Arad Year 68, after the consecutive conquering of countless smaller countries, the Pelos Empire became the first empire to unify the Arad continent.

In Arad Year 100, Bakal, the King of Dragons sent down the first of his three dragons to the Arad Continent, the Berserk Dragon Hismar. The Pelos Empire fell victim to the dragon's devastating attacks, suffering catastrophic national losses. In response, the Empire waged a long war against the dragon.

Eventually, the Berserk Dragon is slain by the Pelos Empire general Kazan and the great wizard Ozma in Arad Year 152. The two were thus celebrated as national heroes who saved Arad and were beloved by the people. It was at this point in history, the Pelos Empire had reached the peak of its power.

The Decline of the Pelos Empire

In Arad Year 157, the Pelos Emperor became jealous of the heroes' increasing popularity, and orchestrated a conspiracy to remove both Kazan and Ozma from power. The two individuals were framed for treason, arrested, and tortured. In the end, Kazan suffered from having the tendons torn from his arms and being exiled to the Stru Mountains. On the other hand, Ozma's whole family was slain; his wife became a concubine of the Emperor, and he was thrown into the sea to die. However, Ozma returned from the grave to wage war against humanity as the newly resurrected God of Chaos, spreading his Curse of Blood upon the continent.

Many decades later, in Arad Year 253, the Order of Priests, under the leadership of Michael of the Holy Eye, combat Ozma and his Imposter army; thus beginning a large-scale war known as the Black Crusade.

Although the Black Crusade was finally won in Arad Year 347, the long-term war had caused great injury to the Pelos Empire, causing its decline. In a futile attempt to repair the empire, issued a large-scale war against its neighboring nation and ally, the Kingdom of Suju, only to end in defeat. With the Emperor Fallelia IV's death in Arad Year 357, the empire divided into smaller vassal states; thus beginning a three hundred year long Warring States period.

Battle of the Ghost

Battle of Cantion.

A battle that helped De Los seize the throne from the last king of the Pelos Empire and establish its legitimacy as an empire. Fought in a city named Cantion, the battle left an impression in history as it lasted over 300 years.

20,000 Pelos soldiers fought over 300,000 Del Los soldiers to defend their city. Priest Sieg, the last patriot of the Pelos Empire, employed ghosts to make up for the lack of soldiers.

The Del Los Army was superior in number, but it was helpless in the face of the ghosts. It was only able to conquer Cantion because Sieg was killed by the power of the ghosts he summoned.

Contemporary Period

Some time after the Metastasis, the Female Slayer, Dark Knight, and Creator were all involved in separate experiments designed to replicate the Metastasis's effects.

Various Demonic Lancers were captured and enslaved, forced to participate in the Imperial Coliseum to fight to the death for spectacle.

The Empire was investigating Sky Tower and Behemoth Sanctuary the same time the adventurer was there. After they finished Empress Skardi asked them to leave, as they were stationed in Bel Myre territory at the time.

The Empire declared war on the Kingdom of Fennes sometime before Aphelia Post was set up.

When contact between Empyrean and Arad was reestablished, the De Los Empire sent troops to directly aid Empyrean in their civil war against the Kartels.

After contact with Empyrean the De Los Empire formed an alliance with Empyrean's nobles to investigate Pandemonium and oust the Royal Family.

Mirror Arad

The De Los Empire took advantage of the fact that the Great Metastasis destroyed most of the Principality of Bel Myre and that the Kingdom of Fennes was disoriented when Underfoot was forced out of the ground by encroaching onto both their territories respectively. They were also involved with the GBL's last stand against Lotus

Notable Members

De Los Empire

  • Emperor Leon — Current Emperor.
  • Imperial Princess Isabella — Third Princess of the empire, socialite and unofficial diplomat.
  • Hound Cyrus — Princess Isabella's Bodyguard
  • Vaughn Walshuted — Legendary Shortsword Grand Master, Captain of the Iron Wolves Regiment
  • Hartz von Krueger - Vice Captain of the Iron Wolves Regiment. Vaughn's right-hand man.
  • Lenny Blainscoque - Low Ranking Knight of the Iron Wolves Regiment. Perishes during the attack on Lotus, but her Mirror Arad counterpart survives their respective attack.
  • Fiona - Low Ranking Knight of the Iron Wolves Regiment.
  • Den - Low Ranking Knight of the Iron Wolves Regiment.
  • Glam Ringwood
  • Robato - (Former) Former agent of the empire who hunted other slayers to force them to participate in their experiments. Now serves the Principality of Bel Myre .
  • Demonic Lancer — (Former) Former slave and gladiator of the empire.

Pelos Empire