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The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection

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The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection
Location West Coast - Abysmal Sky Tower
Min. Level 100
Level 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Prophet Ezra


The Oculus, meaning the eye that reflects the world, is a place featured in a legend of the Dark Elves that tells of a being who was higher than the sky and its clone who was confined in this place. The Grim Seekers have occupied and declared The Oculus their sanctum, calling it the place of resurrection of a great being, and are now performing a secret ritual in there.

Entrance Requirements & Rules

  • Availability: The Oculus is opened every day.
  • Weekly/Daily Entry Count: Can be entered twice, Rewards are only recieved once. (Resets on Tuesday)
  • Quest Requirement: Accept and clear the Epic Quest Icon.png Another Sign Scenario Quest from Oberith Rosenbach first.
  • Entry Requirement: 8 Fatigue Points.
  • Player Limit: Can be done as a 4-Man or Solo play.
  • Adventurer Fame: 6436 (Guide) | 7109 (Normal) | 10,815 (Abysmal Sanctum)
  • Speak with Knight Robato to create a party inside the Oculus channel, once everything is fully prepared, talk to Highmore on the right side on West Coast's harbor to start initiating the mission.
  • Although the Life Token.png Life Token limit is 2, this can be increased.
  • There is no penalty for retreating the dungeon. When resuming through Highmore, you'll restart at the beginning point of your last floor, and normal monsters respawn.

Time Limit

  • You have 20 Minutes in the form of a Ritual Completion gauge that is located beneath the Mini-map status board. The gauge itself will increase slowly by 1% and if it reaches 100%, the mission fails and your entry count is replenished. However, the percentage can be lowered by defeating two of the Grim Seeker bosses or accessing Nayu's shop if she's freed from defeating Tria Cerebrum.

Unique Effects

  • Weaken Barrier: Defeating Roseberry & Louise results in by not only interrupting the Grim Seekers' Ritual that lowers the gauge by 20%, but adds a permanant Damage Intensification buff to the party. Alternatively, Soryun in her Apostle-Obsessed form can also carry over the buff regardless if either Grim Seeker boss was kept alive or not.
  • Chaotic Effect: Upon entering the Oculus, the party's vision is blocked out by a Imposters' Fog, meaning that it'll prevent them from seeing bosses or the stairs that are located, plus all monsters (Normal/Bosses) will gain a buff that strengthens theirs stats and can make Grim Seeker fights even more difficult.
  • By defeating the first Imposter boss Blood Ria or Nerolotte, it'll weaken the effect by starting with a red exclamation point (!) showing the stairs/boss location, and the second Imposter's defeat completely restores vision, making exploration much easier alongside removing the buff on that specific floor.

Normal Mode

Released in May 2020, The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection is a special dungeon located within Sky Tower that has now been occupied by the Grim Seekers to carry out their goal on resurrecting Apostle Sirocco. Inside of the Oculus, consists of Four Basement Floors in total known as Pilgrim Shelters, with B4 being the Altar of Truth where Prophet Ezra resides. Your party's main objective is to traverse through this huge maze-like dungeon, take down the Grim Seekers and interrupt their ritual.

The Mini-Map Interface displayed in The Oculus on Guide Mode.

Pilgrim Shelters B1-B3

  • The party will always start off on the upper right corner of each shelter that act as floors consisting of 15 rooms that are filled with normal monsters that changes in appearance when descending upon each Shelter. Bosses such as Roseberry or Louise can appear at Shelters B1 or B2 and Mini-Bosses like Blood Ria, Nerolotte, etc can randomly spawn on either floor in different positions with. Soryun herself, is always located within Shelter B3 that is mandatory to defeat in order to access B4: Altar of Truth.
  • Each one of these bosses are completely optional to defeat or skip entirely, although the latter decision to skip either Grim Seeker boss can heavily affect the outcome regarding Soryun's fight when encountering her in Shelter B3 as this activates her Apostle-Obsessed form only if Roseberry/Louise weren't encountered or one boss was left alive.
  • Cooldowns on party members' skills will be automatically reset upon descending into another Pilgrim Shelter.

B4 - The Altar of Truth

  • This is where Prophet Ezra's located, defeat Soryun in Pilgrim Shelter B3 first to gain access downstairs.
  • Defeating Ezra will clear The Oculus.


Grim Seekers




  • Upon defeating Ezra, he'll have a chance to drop:

Dark Soul Converter

  • A system only introduced within this dungeon and by gathering enough Grim Seeker's Dark Soul.png Grim Seeker's Dark Souls, Robato will reward players with a Purged Soul Box.png Purged Soul Box that allows them to generate or convert a Level 100 Guide of Wisdom Epic Armor/Accessory/Special Equipment of their choosing, excluding Weapons, otherwise known as a "Ditto Epic".

Requirements & Restrictions

  • Accept and complete Side Quest Icon.png [Sanctum of Resurrection] Put Them to Rest.
  • Collect a total of 1260 Grim Seeker's Dark Soul.png Grim Seeker's Dark Souls.
  • Epic Equipment obtained from either Guide of Wisdom/Watcher in the Rift/Guide of Extinction or Black Crystal Fusion cannot be used for conversion.
  • 1 Epic Soul.png Epic Soul & 70 Grim Seeker's Dark Soul.png Grim Seeker's Dark Souls are needed to exchange the Ditto Epic into a different item at any time and does not increase material usage.
  • The Oculus Ditto Epic can be Reinforced/Amplified/Enchanted/Black Purgatory Option Changed (If Pants/Rings/Sub-Equipment).
  • <!> Be advised that upon converting a Ditto Epic, any Reinforce/Amplify/Enchant/Black Purgatory Options on the previous equipment will reset and this is irreversible. Make your decisions carefully. <!>

The Abysmal Sanctum

Released in a June 2020 update, The Oculus: Abysmal Sanctum was introduced. It is essentially a much difficult and harder version of Normal Oculus where Sirocco takes control of the Sky Tower after being resurrected by the Grim Seekers.

Requirements & Adjustments

  • Reach Level 100.
  • Accept and clear the No quests found that satisfy the search criteria. Scenario Quest.
  • 8 Fatigue Points.
  • Requires a party of 4 Players.
  • No Daily or Weekly entry limits, but can only receive Daily rewards once a day.
  • Time Limit (Ritual Gauge) lowered to 15 minutes.
  • Life Token.png Life Token limit is raised to 4.
  • The buff "Lemidia Basilica Blessing" is added.
  • Trainee Nayu's potions that were purchased in her shop in Abysmal Sanctum can only be used in that difficulty and are restricted from usage in both Oculus Normal & Guide Mode.
  • Speak with Oberith to create a party, then speak to Teida Beonarr inside of B1 Pilgrim Shelter to initiate the mission.

Abysmal Pilgrim Shelters

  • B1 Pilgrim Shelter functions more like a home base for the party to prepare their composition which is similar to West Coast's Harbor. While the dungeon remains maze-like and instead of traversing through 15 rooms per floor, B2 is now shorten down to only consist of 13 with the first one being the starting point rather than being positioned at the upper right corner. As the Imposter/Pandemonium Bosses occupy the upper and lower rooms, the Grim Seeker Boss rooms are mainly a straight narrow path and four other rooms being empty that serve no purpose other than leading towards one-way paths. B3 is now the Altar of Truth, as defeating Ezra will clear the Abysmal Sanctum.

Monster Adjustments

  • All Monsters will have their stats and difficulty increased with Bosses gaining newer attack patterns.
  • Their locations will be reallocated once a day.
  • Killing Blood Ria or Nerolotte adds 5 minutes to the time limit.
  • Killing Volcano Spider gives 2 Life Token.png Life Tokens instead of 4.
  • Soryun is fought twice in both her normal and Apostle-Obsessed form and is still required to defeat for accessing B3: Altar of Truth.

Abysmal Sanctum Rewards

Guide Mode

The Oculus Guide Mode would be implemented alongside the Abyssal Sanctum on the same month. Oculus Guide Mode is essentially an easier version of the original dungeon.

The Oculus Guide Requirements & Adjustments

  • Reach Level 100.
  • Accept and clear the Epic Quest Icon.png Another Sign Scenario Quest from Oberith first.
  • 30 Fatigue Points.
  • Shares the same Daily/Weekly Entry count as Oculus Normal.
  • 4 characters per account can be bound.
    • (Originally 3) - Adjusted to 4 in Season 6, Act 21.
  • Rewards are reduced.
  • Time Limit remains the same.
  • Life Token.png Life Token limit is raised to 6.
  • Encountering specific Bosses opens up a guide-exclusive UI for 10 seconds. Limited to the first encounter only and this can be disabled on the Mini-Map.
  • Trainee Nayu's potions that purchased in her shop in Guide Mode can only be used in that difficulty and are restricted from usage in both Oculus Normal & Abysmal.

Monster Adjustments

  • All monsters (Normal/Bosses) will have their stats and difficulty lowered.
  • Soryun's Falling Stars number count lowered to two.
  • Prophet Ezra's Final Ritual pattern adjusted to have two clones.

Guide Mode Rewards

  • Upon defeating Ezra, he'll have a chance to drop: