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Sanguinem.png Sanguinem

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Passive Skill

Blood Mage

Command: None
Prerequisite Level: 15
Prerequisite Skills: The Abyss.png The Abyss Lv1


Absorbs blood from a target and triggers a reaction between the blood and the abyss, creating a new source of power, Sanguinem.
Sanguinem is a new resource that Blood Mages can use for casting skills. When full of Sanguinem, the Blood Mage becomes Hyped and achieves higher Physical Atk.
Absorbing Sanguinem alleviates strain from using skills that consume Sanguinem.
Your HP can substitute Sanguinem for the casting of Sanguinem skills.
Also increases Hit Rate and the Absorption skills' damage, but disables Teleport.png Teleport.


  • SP per level: 20
  • Master Level: 10
  • Max Level: 20
  • Hit Rate Increase: 5% (3% in Arena )
  • Absorption Mode Buff Duration Increase: 2 sec (- sec in Arena )

[Party Synergy]

  • Advanced Skill Damage Intensification: 34%
  • Damage Intensification Debuff Duration: 60 sec.


  • Sanguinem is a new resource used to activate certain Blood Mage skills.
  • If Sanguinem is full, the Blood Mage will become "Hyped" and his Physical Attack will increase. This state lasts indefinitely at 100% Sanguinem. Duration becomes 60 sec (20 sec in Arena) when below 100% and refreshes when at 100% again.
  • The Blood Mage always enters dungeons with his Sanguinem at 90%, it's recommended to use a skill that absorbs Sanguinem to become "Hyped".
  • Blood Mage has Sanguinem at a default level of 1.
  • Skill that consume Sanguinem will have their Sanguinem cost reduced by 50%, and cooldown reduced by 10% if used while absorbing Sanguinem. This includes Tepes.png Tepes and Blood Stream.png Blood Stream.
  • If there is not a sufficient amount of Sanguinem to be spent, the Blood Mage will consume his own HP. The amount consumed of total HP% is 50% of Sanguinem Cost (10% in Arena).
    • e.g. Fatality.png Fatality will consume 30% total HP in dungeons.
  • Party Synergy effects are disabled in Arena.

Skill Growth



Level Lv Req Hyped Mode
Physical Atk. Increase
1 15 1%
2 18 2%
3 21 3%
4 24 4%
5 27 5%
6 30 6%
7 33 7%
8 36 8%
9 39 9%
10 42 10%
11 45 11%
12 48 12%
13 51 13%
14 54 14%
15 57 15%
16 60 16%
17 63 17%
18 66 18%
19 69 19%
20 72 20%
  • Note: The table above has been generated based off of skill growth information presented in-game. The data may have slight differences compared to the information presented in-game due to minor rounding variations.


Blood Mage Skills
Active:Blood Burn.png Blood Burn Blood Wings.png Blood Wings Corruption.png Corruption Creeping.png Creeping Fang.png Fang Hellberus.png Hellberus Lilroi.png Lilroi Offering.png Offering Shikari.png Shikari Soul Steal.png Soul Steal Torment.png Torment
Passive:Bloodstained Leather Armor Mastery.png Bloodstained Leather Armor Mastery Dead Hands.png Dead Hands Sanguinem.png Sanguinem
Awakening:Abandon.png Abandon Marauder.png Marauder Rumble Dog.png Rumble Dog Tepes.png Tepes
2nd Awakening:Blood Stream.png Blood Stream Fatality.png Fatality Phantom Veil.png Phantom Veil Sanguis Verus.png Sanguis Verus

Male Mage Skills
Active:Dimension- Accident.png Dimension: Accident Flame Shield.png Flame Shield Ghost Flame.png Ghost Flame Ice Sword.png Ice Sword Lilliac.png Lilliac Rapid Fire.png Rapid Fire Teleport.png Teleport Trap Strike.png Trap Strike Water Cannon.png Water Cannon Wind Strike.png Wind Strike
Passive:Immortality.png Immortality The Abyss.png The Abyss

General Skills
Active:Ancient Memory.png Ancient Memory Backstep.png Backstep Indomitable Spirit.png Indomitable Spirit Leap.png Leap Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound
Passive:Basic Armor Mastery.png Basic Armor Mastery Basic Training.png Basic Training Clues to Awakening.png Clues to Awakening Conversion.png Conversion Latent Power.png Latent Power Magical Critical.png Magical Critical Magical Rear Attack.png Magical Rear Attack One Step Closer.png One Step Closer Physical Critical.png Physical Critical Physical Rear Attack.png Physical Rear Attack Subitism.png Subitism Throw Mastery.png Throw Mastery