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Sewer Screen.png
Location Mirror Arad
Level Requirement 54
NPCs Faris, the Sewer Princess, Albert Bernstein, Attack Dog Loel
Areas Meltdown
Northern Shelter

Sewer, formerly Hendon Myre, is the shattered remains of the old Arad and is the centerpoint of the Great Metastasis. People sought refuge in the sewers when the Great Metastasis hit, but many were not able to survive the attack.


During the Great Metastasis, the former Hendon Myre sank underground.

There were those who tried to hide in the underground sewers of Hendon Myre to escape the Great Metastasis, but being at the center of it the chances of finding those who did so are rare. However, because the only way to travel past is through these pathways, there are those who cope with the odors and push on. Within the sewers, one can find the Moonlight Tavern’s Siusha.

The dungeon area is named Meltdown. Heavy heat and magic energy melted everything of the former town.

Map of the Sewer


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Faris, the Sewer Princess Faris, the Sewer Princess Quest giver Sewer
Albert Bernstein Albert Bernstein Equipment vendor, Quest giver, Dissassembler Sewer
Mad Dog Loel Mad Dog Loel Temporary NPC Sewer


Meltdown is a dungeon area in the Sewer. Players must be level 54 to access this area. These dungeons span from level 54 to level 57.

Mushroom Garden.png
City of Spores Salif.png
Rotting Lot.png
Old Streets.png
Chessboard of Despair.png
Village of the Confined.png
Meltdown Locations.png