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Faris, the Sewer Princess

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FarisIcon.png Faris, the Sewer Princess
Age 23
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Renowned Female Brawler
Alias N/A
Location Aphelia Post Principality Post, Sewer Mirror Arad
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Faris, the Sewer Princess, is a known Female Brawler who appears as a mercenary in Aphelia Post, looking to make a profit from the upcoming war with the Dark Elves. She was renowned in the past for sparring with Shonan Aska. She is easy to anger and is straight to the point when dealing with others. While she seems harsh and hard to deal with, she knows how to get her job done.

In Mirror Arad her counterpart resides in the Sewer as the underground leader of the Myre Cleanup operation.


  • Quest Giver.


Request Chat (Aphelia Post)

  • Some people let fame get to their heads,
and they usually gain their popularity by beating up those who are weaker than them. You don't look like you're like that, though. Or at least you haven't done anything to make me think you're one of them.
Keep up the good work.
  • Let me know if anyone's bullying you. I'll take care of him.
  • Believe it or not, we street fighters have our own set of rules.
We fight dirty, but not cowardly. We never harass those who are weaker than us. And we're not sore losers.
Huh? Shonan Aska? (Gritting her teeth) If you want to leave here alive, never speak her name again. Hmpf!

Request Chat (Sewer, Mirror Arad)

  • Hey, cut it out. How many times do I have to tell you that I don't like noise?
Do that again, and I'll cut your throat.
Oh, you're going to report me? Please, who do you think will listen to you?
If you don't want to die, keep your mouth shut and stay low. Got it?
  • Do you want to have a match with me?
You must have a death wish. Well, I'm not a genie, so get lost!
  • Hmph, you look like you've never had a hard time in your life.
What, you're an adventurer? Say that again, and my friends will laugh in your face.
Even a ten-year-old has more fights under his belt than you.
  • If you meet someone who wants to die, bring him to me.
I can never have enough test subjects for my new deadly poison.
Win-win for both of us.


  • "Are you looking at me? Get a move on!"
  • "Hey! Do not block my vision!"
  • "Here, if you're asking permission to leave, I'll gladly give it you!"
  • "Huh?...I just picked these four and they're already brittle"

Conversation start

  • "What!"
  • "Do you need my help? Do you even know who I am?"
  • "Stop annoying me, what is your problem?

Conversation end

  • "I hope you go away soon"
  • "Agh, I'm tired!"
  • "Psh, you'll probably end up dead like the rest of them"



Faris post Origin with Gale and Breeze behind her. Faris's appearance before the Great Metastasis update Original Faris Full Body.png Paris.png Faris's appearance in Mirror Arad Sewer Faris Concept.jpg


OriginOrigin SummerOrigin HalloweenOrigin Christmas Origin Lunar Festival

Mirror AradFarissummer.gifFarismirrorhalloween.gifFarischristmas.gifFarislunarnewyear.gifFarisAPC.png


  • The Sewer Princess Faris APC Doll that can be made from Animator follows her appearance in the original Arad.
  • Her Mirror Arad outfit appears as a EX:Doppleganger avatar look for Female Fighter.