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Shackled Kepheros

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Shackled Kepheros
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Kepheros is one of three bosses that is encountered in Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise. She once was Harbart's favorite, but when Harbart succumbed to evil, she bit and skinned her for three days and nights straight, leaving her scarred for life. Kepheros eventually succumbed to the darkness and has been following Harbart, but not without resentment.

Move Set

  • Claw Swipe: Kepheros prepares to attack with a warning line indicator in front of her as he slashes at close range with multi-hit properties that can deal a significant amount of damage if caught by it.
  • Pounce: Kepheros will randomly jump at a player and lands on them for heavy damage that produces a flame on the ground causing Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) even if the attack doesn't connect.
  • Corrupt Energy: Kepheros launches out a sphere of energy that must be destroyed immediately or it'll explode into a trail of black flames if left ignored.

Painful... too painful!

  • Kepheros roars and pushes back players as she uses two non-random patterns.
    • Black Flames: Kepheros jumps into the air and drops down to create afterimages of herself in the player's position to blast out 2 - 3 trails of black flames that deal moderate to lethal damage.
    • Energy Laser: Kepheros jumps to either left or right of the middle area and charges up to launch out a laser blast with warning indicators as it goes from middle to top and bottom. Afterwards, she becomes groggy being opened to counter damage.


  • Kepheros has low HP, but is very dangerous with her attacks. Watch the ground carefully for warning indicators, and don't get hit.
  • For Black Flames, party members should quickly move to the top or bottom of the screen, then move slightly to avoid the line attacks.
  • Energy Laser is easy to telegraph in which direction Kepheros fires them, move to on the bottom during the middle beam, then proceed to the middle with her afterimages firing out the top and bottom ones.
  • She is suspectible to hold-based skills, so use that to an advantage to prevent her from even attacking.