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Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise

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Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise
Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise.png
Location Pandemonium Junction/Metro Center
Min. Level 95 (94 for Scenario)
Level 95
Monster Level 130 (105 for Scenario)
End Boss No Icon.png Silvery Harbart

Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise is a special dungeon set in Apostle Prey's home planet located at the south part of Pandemonium Junction in the Metro Center Area. Players can only access this dungeon when reaching Level 95 and completed the Side Quest Icon.png [Tayberrs] Legend of the Brilliant Golden Star quest from Snowflake Joshua.

Loading Screen for Tayberrs


The beautiful home world of the Third Apostle Isys-Prey hasn't been what it used to be after he left it. Lupsong, the Mother of the Blue Fire, has been trying to restore it to its old beauty, but she's no match for the dark power that's been spreading across her planet. She's taken the remaining members of her kind to where this evil power can't reach, biding time until they become strong enough to drive the enemy from the great Isys-Prey's home world.

Dungeon Rules & Details

After accepting the Side Quest Icon.png [Tayberrs] Legend of the Brilliant Golden Star quest from Snowflake Joshua, you'll gain access to the dungeon and this can be either played by forming a party, solo or guide mode. While it can be accessed throughout all channels, there was originally one exclusive to Tayberrs until the Season 6 patch.

Entrance Requirements

  • Availability: Every day of the week.
  • Daily Entry Count: 3 times a day.
  • Weekly Entry Count: 6 times in total, resets every Tuesday.
  • Level Requirement: 95.
  • Player Amount: 1 - 4. (Normal/Solo/Guide)
  • Fatigue Points: 10 per entry.
  • Adventurer Fame:
    • Guide: 4897
    • Solo & Normal: 5242
  • You will receive Lupsong's Blessing Upon entering Tayberrs:
    • Strength: Increases for Physical-specific classes.
    • Intelligence: Increases for Magical-specific classes, including Female Crusader & Enchantress.
    • Physical/Magical Defense: +30,000
    • Max HP: +200,000


  • Resurrection-related skills from Male Mage, Female Crusader & Knight cannot be used.
  • Certain consumables like Sacred Blessing.png Sacred Blessing for example are forbidden from being used.
  • Bringing cooldown or skill reset-specific equipment such as Mana Vortex Set or Refined Amnesia Stone Ring will not work due to the dungeon's monster level cap.
  • 4 Life Token.png Life Tokens per character in both Normal and Solo mode.
  • Players who've died in the dungeon cannot receive rewards and are given 10 seconds to resurrect.
  • "Acquired a second chance" will activate when all party members have died and moved out of the dungeon, but this won't increase the entry count.

Gale System

Similar to Echon's Valor System, Players can build up a gauge that's shown on the left side of the screen by dealing damage towards monsters. When the gauge is filled up to Grade SSS, the Gale is released allowing the use of a special Tab skill. Activating this skill will cause your character to dash forward a certain distance, and apply the following buffs:

  • Attack/Casting/Movement Speed +15%
  • Evasion +10%
  • Additional skill cooldown -10%
  • HP/MP Regeneration +1500

The special Tab skill has a cooldown of ?? seconds and can be used indefinitely as long as Gale mode is retained.
Gale mode lasts for a set duration, but can be maintained by continuously dealing damage.

Tayberrs Equipment



1 Map E.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Named monster zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:

C1, E1



Normal Mode

Introduced during the Season 5: Act 01 - Welcome to Harlem patch in February 2019, Tayberrs is a wave-based dungeon where all party members are assisted by Slenikon riding on his back as they start off by fighting numerous waves of Infected Aukas & Dominated Larua Warriors that fly down and attack in one or two rooms before a boss encounter. They aren't difficult to destroy, but taking too long results in Cloud Wing Alis appearing to follow behind Slenikon and starts summoning monsters along with bombarding attacks.

After the monster waves are done, the party will fight a boss and they must defeat them in order to continue onward such as Shackled Kepheros, Speninos and finally Silvery Harbart. Defeat Harbart to clear Tayberrs.

Normal Mode Rewards

Solo Mode

A solo version of the original dungeon would be released in March 2019 during the Tower of Dazzlement update.

Tayberrs Solo Adjustments

  • Shares the same entry requirements as Normal Mode.
  • General monsters have their stats readjusted for an appropriate solo run.
  • Clearance rewards are reduced.

Solo Mode Rewards

Guide Mode

In June 2019, Tayberrs Guide Mode was added during the Season 5: Act 03 - Operation: Hope update. It is essentially a much easier version of Tayberrs Normal/Solo Mode that's suited for players who want to get started running the dungeon and learn it's mechanics.

Entrance Requirements

  • Same as Normal Group/Solo Mode except for:
  • (Formerly) 9 Terranium.png Terranium per entry - Removed in Season 6, Act 01. Ascension.
  • 3 Characters are bound to run Guide mode - Changed in Season 6, Act 06. Sirocco the Intangible.

Guide Mode Adjustments

  • General monsters are all weakened to an appropriate difficulty for a solo run.
  • Clearance rewards greatly reduced.
  • Gale Points are much easier to obtain when defeating monsters.
  • If you fail this dungeon, you will receive 1 free entry count.
  • Entry count is shared among the Tayberrs Normal and Solo, including Guide Mode.