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Template:Monster link

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This template displays a link to an item with its respective icon.


|<item page>
| icon = 
| full size = 
| class = 


All parameters are optional unless stated otherwise.

monster page 
Required. Monster page. The wiki page of the monster.
Displayed text. Defaults to the name of the monster.
Icon file. Defaults to the icon of the monster.
full size 
Set to anything to display the icon in its original size.
Colors the link depending on the monster classification. Set to either champion, named, apc, ally, or boss.


{{Monster link|Nilvas Gracia}}

Nilvas Gracia.png Nilvas Gracia

{{Monster link|Nilvas Gracia|Edgy Demon|full size = y}}

Nilvas Gracia.png Edgy Demon