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Nilvas Gracia

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Nilvas Gracia
Age 35
Sex Male
Race Human (Formerly)
Affiliation Priest Order (Formerly)
Grandis (Sister)
Occupation Paladin (Formerly)
Alias N/A
Location Chest Town - Bottomless Tunnel
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Nilvas Gracia (Korean: 닐바스 그라시아) was once a former Paladin of the Priest Order and descendant of Shapiro Gracia , but became the first Avenger after being cursed by Astaros, and Ozma constantly tempting him to abandon the God he praises. He is the older brother of Grandis Gracia and the man is considered dead or missing.


Character Biography:

Male, aged 35. Originally, he was a paladin great enough to be named one of the Four Archpriests, and also a descendant of Shapiro Gracia.

He was ambushed by Astaros when he infiltrated an interdimensional rift and became an Imposter. He would have lost his life if it were not for his faith in God and strong will.

But he could not stop his physical transformation into an Imposter. He disappeared from the rest of the world, having decided that he could no longer remain in the Order, looking as demonic as he did. He feels guilty for leaving his sister, Grandis Gracia, alone in the Order.

"Astaros... I'll never forget the humiliation of that day."

- Nilvas Gracia



Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

I...I will not give in!

- Where is your god now? The one to whom you fold your hands in prayer, the one who "cares" for you...? There is no god! There never has been! Michael has deceived you! No one answers your pleas for help but me. Come to me. I will be your savior. I will guide you...

God! Where are you? Listen to my cries for help! My will...is weakening! Do not let me succumb... Give me courage. Show yourself to me, so that I can carry out your will once again!

- Your god ignores your prayers. Even if he were real, do you think he would bless you, knowing that you wield my powers? Your god favors the righteous. He has no room for the anguish you suffer. Your body and mind are soiled. Your god has cast you out!

If God has indeed left me... If I am no longer able to do His will with my corrupted body, then I will stamp out the darkness within me by the sheer force of my will. If that is not enough, I will vanquish all the darkness in the world and wait for the day he forgives me.

- Embrace ME and I will never leave you! I will wash away this tainted world full of lies, and only the truth will remain!

Darkness that tempts me, listen well! Even if my God has deserted me, even if I have become an outcast from my Order, even if all who I love betray me... I will destroy you. I will search the corners of hell itself and hunt you down, even if it consumes my very soul.

Nilvas Gracia's Prayer

At some point in time after the Adventurer defeated the Kashipas and resolved the Empyrean Civil War, he is called to Roschest, towards Chest Town, to investigate current phenomenon going on in the area.

As an Enemy

No icon available
Nilvas Gracia
TypeDemon.png TypeHuman.png


  • Nilvas would originally make his boss debut inside the Time Gate's Black Crusade dungeon prior to it's removal in Season IV: The Origin.
  • In Season 6, he returns as the end boss for Bottomless Tunnel.

Move Set (Crusader)

  • Hammer Strike: Nilvas uses his hammer to strike twice in a front arc, with the first strike inflicting hitstun, while the second strike causes multi-hit damage.
  • Miracle Splitter.png Miracle Splitter: Functioning like the skill itself, Nilvas uses his shield like a Deflection Wall.png Deflection Wall as he charges forward to deliver a finishing blow.
  • Divine Flash.png Divine Flash: He'll cast this skill on himself that creates a explosion which knocks players away in close range.
  • Holy Sanctuary.png Holy Sanctuary: Nilvas' variation has him kneeling as he slams the ground with a shield creating a Sanctuary pentacle around himself creating demonic energy explosions.
  • Demonize.png Demonize Upon reaching 65% of his HP, he'll begin transforming into his Avenger form and starts using skills from that class.

Move Set (Avenger)



  • Nilvas' entire name could translate to "Released Grace", as his first name is likely derived from the Filipino word "Nilabas", while sharing the same surname of Latin and Spanish origins with Grandis.
  • His outfit appears in Arad Cosplay for Male Priest.
  • Both the Cross, and Scythe once appeared as a Unique Weapons.


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