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Tower of the Dead

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"Yes, as you can see, I'm the grim reaper. No need to fear; I don't take lives indiscriminately. I've gathered the netherworld's most powerful warriors in one place at this tower. What do you say? Aren't your instincts telling you to take on this challenge? If you manage to fight through those warriors and arrive at the top of this tower, all the world will know your strength. Of course, I'll be there waiting in case you crash and burn..."

Tower of the Dead
Tower of the Dead.png
Location Valley of Fallen Souls
Min. Level 1
Level 50-70
Monster Level Varies
End Boss None


The Tower of the Dead is a special gauntlet-type area, where you must attempt to get as far as you can. In order to move on, you must defeat all enemies on a floor before going to the next. There are 45 floors in total, and the further you go, the harder the enemies get. Consequently, the enemies also get harder if you bring more people with you. However, you're put on semi-even odds with your enemies, as your stats will increase to balance out with the enemies (much like the balancing in PvP). Entering the Tower of the Dead consumes one Dreyfus' Invitation.


You won't be able to use your normal consumables or Clear Cube Fragment skills. Instead, you'll have to rely on special consumables and cube frags that drop from enemies in the tower. Mana and Health regen are still in effect, but only for a limited time per floor. As you complete floors, you'll also gain back health & mana based on how quickly you cleared the floor. That said, clearing floors quickly will keep you healthy.

Death & Rewards

Unfortunately, you can't use tokens here, so if you die, that's it. You'll gain Item Cards and extra experience based on how far you made it up the tower. The further you make it up the tower, the more Item Cards and EXP you'll get.


Items will periodically drop after defeating certain enemies. These can be very beneficial and help you considerably, especially as you reach the higher floors. All consumables have a 10 second cooldown. These items will disappear from your inventory once you leave the Tower of the Dead.

Icon Name Notes
Deadpotion1.jpg Ordinary Life Potion of the Dead Restores 25% of Max HP.
Deadpotion2.jpg Ordinary Mana Potion of the Dead Restores 25% of Max MP.
Deadpotion3.jpg Exceptional Life Potion of the Dead Restores 35% of Max HP.
Deadpotion4.jpg Exceptional Mana Potion of the Dead Restores 35% of Max MP.
Deadpotion5.jpg Sacred Potion of the Dead Increases Defense and Physical Attack power by 5% for 5 min. Can stack twice.
Deadpotion6.jpg Speed Potion of the Dead Increases Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 5% for 5 min. Can stack twice.
Deadcube.jpg Clear Cube Fragment of the Dead Used for powering skills that use Clear Cube Fragments.


Varies from floor to floor. You'll face a wide variety of enemies from throughout the game, as well as many APCs.
From 38F on, the fights start to become extremely difficult, so the items you pick up along the way will come in handy for the upcoming fights.

Floor 1-10

Floor Monster Configuration Notes
Lv Name
1F 50 Icon-Goblin.png  Goblin x3
2F 15 AvgSlayer.png Average Slayer
3F 15 AvgFighter.png Average Fighter
4F 15 AvgPriest.png Common Priest
5F 25
Grenadier Ashiba
File:IconGoblinThrower.png  Goblin Thrower x3
Floor Name: Grenadier Ashiba

Grenadier Ashiba will load and use his grenades at the beginning, and use his autogun to attack you a lot of times.

6F 50 Icon-Forest Zombie.png  Forest Zombie x8
7F - *One of several random APCs High chance to get a Average Slayer, Fighter, or Common Priest.
8F 50
IconBurning Fiend.png  Burning Fiend x2
Icon-Forest Zombie.png  Forest Zombie x4
9F 40
White Tiger (Exorcist)
Icon-Forest Zombie.png  Forest Zombie x5
Exorcist uses White Tiger mostly, as well as other Exorcist skills.

At the beginning there is a almost 100% chance that he will use Holy Amulet, don't get hit by it or your attack and movement speed will be slowed.

10F 25
Bone Cursed Xeno (Soul Bender)
IconJakasiya.png  Grave Skeleton x4
Floor Name: Bone Cursed Xeno
Be careful, as Xeno can summon more Grave Skeletons. When Xeno dies, all his Grave Skeletons also disappear, so try to kill him quickly or disable him with a freeze, stun, etc.

Floor 11-20

Floor Monster Configuration Notes
Lv Name
11F 50 IconExpensive Toy.png  Expensive Toy Soldier x5
12F 25
Teenager Kuran (Asura)
IconHunter.png  Hunter x4
Floor Name: Hunter Hunting Hunter
Kuran will try and throw Oil Flasks on the ground and ignite them. He'll also run around hiding with Camouflage and throwing other items.
Beware using Fire-based attacks against Kuran, as he has a Fire Fairy Ring equipped and it may summon an Ador. If the Ador manages to hit anyone, it will instantly kill them. (A possible bug?)
13F - 1~2 Random APCs Stronger/Uncommon APCs start appearing here.
14F 40
Smilla's Child (Summoner)
Icon-Ador.png  Soul Eater
Icon-Ador.png  Ador
Icon-Wisp.png  Wisp
Icon-Naias.png  Naias
Icon-Stalker.png  Stalker
Floor Name: Smilla's Child
It's highly imperative to take out Smilla's Child quickly, as she can summon more low-level spirits to fight. If too many spirits are summoned, Smilla's Child will use Spirit Sacrifice to inflict significant damage.
15F 35
Mechanic Laix (Mechanic)
IconGBL Cleric.png  GBL Cleric x5
IconDorniar.png  Dorniar
Floor Name: Mechanic Laix
Laix will try and summon EX-S Vipers onto the field. He'll also try to hide using Camouflage. If left alone too long, he may also summon an Air Combat Mech Tempester. Note that he always welcome you with a Berserk Dragon Cry as battle begins and proceed on casting Camouflage and then EX-S Viper. He does NOT fire his gun or do Jack Spike or BBQ, so it's fairly easy to kill him.
16F 50
IconBantu Fighter.png  Bantu Warrior x5
IconBantu Amazon.png  Bantu Amazon x5
17F 50
Icon-Naias.png  Ice Spirit Shuske
Icon-Naias.png  Naias x6
Use Fire-based attacks for increased damage.
18F 40
Gulahax Frozensword (Soul Bender)
Icon-Ghoulguish.png  Ghoulguish x3
Floor Name: Cold Death
Beware as you enter the floor, as Gulahax will almost immediately use Ice Saya. Be aware of the Frost Aura that the Ghoulguish emit.
19F - 1~3 Random APCs
20F 35
Blizzard Chuseol
IconBantu Fighter.png  Elite Bantu Warrior x4
Floor Name: Blizzard Chuseol
Quick Rebound will be helpful here as the Elites can chain-grab you off the ground over and over. Chuseol causes blizzard with his attacks and uses mostly physical Exorcist skills, including a very powerful Chaos Hammer.

Floor 21-30

Floor Monster Configuration Notes
Lv Name
21F 50 IconLightning Toy.png  Lightning Toy Soldier x7 Don't take too many hits as Electrocution from lightning will kick in and amplify damage done to you.
22F 40
Lord Deim (Blade Master)
Evil Eye x2
Floor Name: Lord Deim
The right Evil Eye is in a fixed spot in the lower right corner. The left one will move up and down the left side of the screen.
Lord Deim may summon Nugol Larva; if too many are summoned to the field, they'll begin to devour one another until they grow into Large Nugol. Note that Lord Deim actually has more HP than it seems because he WILL use 2 HP potions, so ignore him and quickly kill the two eyes, which is fairly easy. Then work on our blade master (though he may use Frenzy).
23F 50 IconDark Elf Guard.png  Dark Elf Guard x18 Floor Name: Entrapment
Try and group up the enemies to defeat them effectively.

Also, if you are a Mechanic, use Rolling Thunder to protect yourself from the arrows. When the 3 Thunders are fully charged, they will hit the arrows that come from the front and render them useless.

24F - 1~3 Random APCs
25F 25
Eva Steele (Brawler)
Myojin's Hound x20
Floor Name: Eva and the Hounds
Eva will run around throwing items mostly. The Hounds will swarm all over the room, so use AoE attacks to dispatch most of them.
26F 50
Buffalo Criminal Boss
Buffalo Criminal Digger x8
In order to truly kill the Diggers, the Boss needs to be defeated first. Otherwise, the Boss will revive the Diggers everytime they die. After the Boss dies, you can choose to kill the remaining Diggers, or wait until they die off automatically.
27F 50 IconJakasiya.png  Grave Skeleton x18 Try and group up the enemies to defeat them effectively.
28F 48
Volcaria Flameheart
Pyra Flameheart
Seara Flameheart
Floor Name: Sisters of the Flame
Mage sisters who primarily use Fire-based spells. Volcaria uses Meteor, Pyra uses Fire Pillar, Seara spams Lantern Bombs.
29F 50
Icon-Hound Master Myojin.png  Hound Master Myojin
Weredog Hakudo
Rathead Shu
Floor Name: Council of Mad Brigands
Try to keep Hakudo pinned on the ground as he cannot counter your attacks while knocked down - Saves mana.
30F 50
Headshot Bautista (Ranger)
Hugo the Hammer (Crusader)
Floor Name: Undying Friendship
Beware of Bautista's Wild Shot. Hugo will use Revenge of Light, Heaven's Melody, Fast Heal, and Healing Wind.

Floor 31-45

Floor Monster Configuration Notes
Lv Name
31F 50 IconPersistent Toy.png  Persistent Toy Soldier x10 These enemies only take 1 damage from attacks, but only have 15 HP.
32F 50 Icon-Lightning Kinoll.png  Lightning Kinoll
IconLakius.png  Lakius
Icon-Wisp.png  Wisp x4
Floor Name: Tribulation of Light
Use Shadow-based attacks for maximum effect here.
33F 50 IconGBL High Priest.png  GBL High Priest
Icon-Vixen Lilith.png  Vixen Lilith
Icon-Stalker.png  Stalker x4
Floor Name: Tribulation of Darkness
Use Light-based attacks for maximum effect here.
34F 20 Shadow Terra Cotta Mage
Light Terra Cotta Mage
Fire Terra Cotta Mage
Water Terra Cotta Mage
Floor Name: Order of the Terra Cotta
Upon entering the room, Fire Terra Cotta Mage will always immediately try to use Fire Pillar on you, so move into a corner as soon as it begins.
35F - 3~6 Random APCs
36F 40 Ans Nauke (Grappler)
Los Nauke (Brawler)
Floor Name: Nauke Sisters
Persistent Fighter sisters; Keep both away at all costs. Avoid getting mounted as it will result in a quick death.
37F 40
Aukuso's Ex-Love (Summoner)
Hellflower Aukuso
Floor Name: Aukuso, My Long Lost Love
Aukuso's Ex-Love will try to summon more Aukuso and use Lasher and Mark the Target!. She may also use Indomitable Spirit to prevent getting knocked out of casting.
38F 45
Lujia Cardinale (Grappler/Striker)
1~3 Random APCs
Floor Name: Master of Fundamentals
Lujia only uses basic combos and grabs. Try to stop her from casting Super Armor at the start of the floor.
39F 50
Nightna of Death (Battle Mage)
2~3 Random APCs
Floor Name: Dark Death
Beware Nightna's Full Swing as it has a high chance to instantly kill you.
40F 50
Burnt Phoenix (Ranger)
1~4 Random APCs
Floor Name: Phoenix
Uses Blazing Bullet and attacks with Fire-based attacks. Beware his extremely powerful Wild Shot.
41F 50
Murderous Earl (Exorcist)
1~4 Random APCs
Earl's attacks have a chance to cause Bleeding and do very high damage.
42F 25
Arcane Monk Sung (Priest Hybrid)
2~3 Random APCs
Sung buffs himself with Crusader skills, then attacks with Exorcist magical skills. Try not to let him cast his spells, as his casting may cause a Dark Thunderbolt or Fire Explosion to hit your entire Party, thanks to his weapon.
Disenchant can be very useful here.
43F 50
Shasura (Fighter Hybrid)
1~4 Random APCs
Shasura can use a few Nen Master skills and can use the Giant Twister awakening.
44F 50
Counterattacker George (Monk)
2~4 Random APCs
George uses Sway and Ducking Dash alot, and attacks with overpowered punch skills.
45F 50
General Parker (Gunner Hybrid)
2~6 Random APCs
Parker uses skills from all Gunner subclasses.

Random APC List

This covers most of the APCs that show up on floors with a random number of APCs. Floors in bold denote that an APC will always appear on that floor.

Slayer APCs Level Floors Skills Notes
Average Slayer AvgSlayer.png 15 2,7,13,19,24,35,38-45 Ashe Fork, Upward Slash Does basic combos. Will jump and do Ashe Fork.
Dale of Ashen DaleIcon.jpg 30 13,19,24,40,42,45 Ashe Fork, Upward Slash, Aerial Chain Slash Mostly tries to do Ashe Fork. He also has no cooldown on Ashe Fork, as shown when he did Backstep -> Ashe Fork several times in a row.
Springtime Hoi HoiIcon.png 25 13,19,24,35,38-45 Wave Wheel Slasher, Triple Slash, Upward Slash, Ashe Fork Will attempt to combo a lot. Being hit by Hoi's attacks may cause the Sleep or Slow effects.
Shadow Kagemaru KageIcon.png 40 19,24,35,38,41-45 Afterimage of Keiga, Ghost Step, Moonlight Slash, Ghost Slash, etc. Fights like a melee Soul Bender. Will often use Ghost Step.
Derek the Assassin DerekIcon.jpg 35 19,24,35,41,42,44,45 Wave Radiation, Murderous Wave, Neutral Wave Sword, Ice Wave Sword, etc. Possesses absurdly high Magic Defense; usually tries to keep Murderous Wave activated. Seems to have a Gileimo equipped, can reflect damage done to him.
Fighter APCs Level Floors Skills Notes
Average Fighter AvgFighter.png 15 3,7,13,19,24,35,38-45 Hammer Kick, Muse's Uppercut, Low Kick Does basic combos. Will continue to attack you while you're downed.
Myre Striker MyreIcon.png 45 13,19,35,38,40 Muse's Uppercut, Low Kick, etc. High HP; usually in Super Armor.
Akaz: Wind Jizun JizunIcon.jpg 50 7,13,19,35,45 Tornado Kick, Hammer Kick Will always rush you and attempt to force you into melee combat. Comboes using kick skills.
Akaz: Cloud Lin CloudIcon.jpg 50 7.19,24,35,38,41,43-45 Tornado Kick, Air Walk, etc. Will attempt to do aerial Tornado Kick and Air Walk.
Akaz: Sand Horan SandIcon.jpg 35 7,13,24,35,38,39,42,43,45 Sand Splash, Heaven's Net Spams Sand Splash.
Valedictorian Elin ElinIcon.png 45 13,19,24,35,38,40,41,43-45 Muse's Uppercut, Low Kick, Suplex, Tornado Kick, Air Steiner, etc. Will attempt to cast Super Armor whenever possible, try to stop her from doing so. Very aggressive, try to avoid close range combat.
Ms. Shonan of Heaven's Net MsShonanIcon.jpg 50 24,35,40,42-45 Nen Shot, Energy Shield, Heaven's Net, Spiral Nen Spams Spiral Nen. Beware her Heaven's Net; if you get caught, it's almost always followed up by a ridiculously powerful Energy Shield. Very dangerous.
Female Fighter 85 24,35,40,42-45
Priest APCs Level Floors Skills Notes
Common Priest AvgPriest.png 15 4,7,13,19,24,35,38-45 Giant Weapon Launcher, Slow Heal, Furious Grab, Smasher Does basic combos. Will attempt to heal at low health.
Chris Ruckus RuckusIcon.jpg 20 13,19,24,35,39-45 Lucky Straight Punch, Blades of Purity, Slow Heal, etc. Slightly more dangerous than Common Priest, as he can combo attacks easier with cancels. Will attempt to heal at low health.
Wayward Exorcist WaywardIcon.png 20 13,19,24,38,39,41-45 Enter Nirvana, Lucky Straight Punch, Piercing the Darkness, Phoenix Hammer, etc. Slow Attack, Casting, and Movement Speed.
Tornado Banham BanhamIcon.jpg 45 24,35,41-45 Phoenix Hammer, Twister of Judgment, Hurricane 'n' Roll, Ducking Dash, Will Driver, etc. Uses various Monk skills along with Twister of Judgment. May use Berserk Dragon Cry after losing a certain amount of HP. Very dangerous, and his Twister of Judgment will interuppt attacks, casting spells, etc.
Mage APCs Level Floors Skills Notes
Fire Terra Cotta Mage FireTerra.png 30 13,19,24,34,35,38-45 Lantern Firebomb, Fire Pillar, Phase Shift Will use various combination of attacks in conjunction with Backstep. Be wary of Fire Pillar.
(Water) Terra Cotta Mage WaterTerra.png 30 Magic Festival, Frosty's Head, Ice Walls, Phase Shift Be very careful approaching her. You may be lured into getting hit by Ice Walls.
Light Terra Cotta Mage LightTerra.png 30 Florae Circle, Sun Burst, Phase Shift Be very careful approaching her; her Light attacks are close-range.
Shadow Terra Cotta Mage ShadowTerra.png 30 Pluto, Phase Shift, The Void Has no weapon.
Vicious Biskei ViciousIcon.png 30 19,24,35,39,40,41,45 Palm Blast, Phase Shift, etc. Uses various Battle Mage skills. Special title may cause a Fortune Coin effect to activate upon taking damage.
Gunner APCs Level Floors Skills Notes
Captain Crux CruxIcon.png 20 7,13,19,24,35,38-41 M-137 Gatlling Gun, Steyr AMR, Jack Spike, BBQ Stay away from his horizontal range and attack from above or below.
Sam the Wiseman SamIcon.jpg 45 13,19,24,35,39-41,43-45 RX-78 Land Runner, EZ-8 Time Bomb, Remote Detonation Spams Land Runners and Time Bombs.
Elusive Samorana SamanoraIcon.jpg 45 7,19,24,35,38-45 Flame Pillar, Steyr AMR, BBQ, etc. Will try to keep his distance and attack at long range.