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Underfoot (Season 3)

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.
Underfoot Screen (Season 3).png
Location Arad
Level Requirement 16
NPCs Queen Maya, Elder Saffron, Klonter, Iris, Annis, Woo, Ludmilla, Marlene Kitzka, Hartz, Danjin, Bulletin Board, Joah Ferrero, Chobung, Grandis, Kiri, Canna, Minet, G.S.D, Robato, Pungjin, Sharan, Simona, Bucken, Abello, Roger, Daphne, Oran, Vaughn
Areas Castaway Cave, Valley of Fallen Souls, Forgotten Land
Silver Crown
Sewers, Arena, Behemoth, Northern Shelter, West Coast, Ghent, City of God, City of Shonan, Saint Horn, Zelva

Underfoot, the main city of Arad, is the focal point of all of Arad, boasting the most NPCs and dungeon areas on the continent. Previously, Underfoot was located underground and was a place of residence to multiple monsters such as ghouls and and a group of spiders called Marpisas. Because it was locked up by the Dark Elves, adventurers were unable to venture through there. After exiting Silver Crown, one can instantly reach Underfoot on their way to the Sewers. From Underfoot, the adventurer can travel to any place in Arad, as well as to Empyrean via a Magatha, to the City of Shonan via carriage, aboard the Saint Horn, and even to Pandemonium's entrance via cargo helicopter.


Underfoot was once hidden deep underground, locked up by the Dark Elves. The Dark Elf Kingdom carved deep underground. Since the Great Metastasis, Underfoot, which was once hidden deep underground is now accessible. It has now become the main base of operations for adventurers.
Castaway Cave is the name of the dungeon area which is a rocky cave rich with distorted gravity.

Map of Underfoot


Portrait Name Occupation Location Portrait Name Occupation Location
Queen Maya Queen Maya Quest Giver King's Road Elder Saffron Elder Saffron Quest Giver, Special Merchant King's Road
Klonter Klonter Merchant, Equipment Repair, Equipment Boost King's Road Iris Fortune Singer Iris Fortune Singer Merchant, Quest Giver King's Road
Annis Annis Quest Giver Underfoot Harbor Woo, the Royal Messenger Woo, the Royal Messenger Region Transportation: Underfoot > City of Shonan Underfoot Harbor
Bowmaster Ludmilla Bowmaster Ludmilla Teleport: Underfoot -> Saint Horn Underfoot Harbor Marlene Kitzka Marlene Kitzka Region Transportation: Underfoot > Ghent Underfoot Harbor
Hartz von Krueger Hartz von Krueger Teleport: Underfoot -> Zelva Underfoot Harbor Danjin Danjin Superior Pot Merchant Sewers Entrance
Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Quest Giver Underfoot Plaza Joah Ferrero Joah Ferrero Enter Golden Road, Merchant, Equipment Repair, Quest Giver Underfoot Plaza
Chobung Chobung Enter Arena Underfoot Plaza Grandis Grandis Epic Equipment Merchant, Priest Trainer Underfoot Plaza
Lady Kiri Lady Kiri Equipment Reinforce, Equipment Repair, Gunner Trainer Underfoot Plaza Shop Owner Canna Shop Owner Canna Merchant Underfoot Plaza
Minet Minet Thief Trainer Master Guild G.S.D G.S.D Male Slayer Trainer Master Guild
Knight Robato Knight Robato Female Slayer Trainer Master Guild Pungjin Pungjin Enter Training Center, Fighter Trainer Master Guild
Sharan Sharan Merchant, Quest Giver, Mage Trainer Master Guild Simona, the Fortuneteller Simona, the Fortuneteller Epic Pot Merchant, Quest Giver Valley of Fallen Souls Entrance
Bucken Bucken Guild Management, Merchant Guild Junction Abello Abello Professions Guild Junction
Roger Levin Roger Levin Craft Guild Junction Daphne Marbros Daphne Marbros Emblem Merchant, Sunder Avatar, Convert Avatar, Emblem Synthesizer Guild Junction
Grandma Oran Grandma Oran Artifact Merchant Guild Junction Vaughn Walshuted Vaughn Walshuted Temporary Quest Giver Underfoot Plaza

Castaway Cave

Castaway Cave is the main dungeon areas in Underfoot. Players must be level 27 to enter this area. These dungeons span from level 27 to level 39, with the player returning once more at level 54.

Spider Kingdom.png
Hero's Catacomb.png
Tyrant's Altar.png
Gold Tunnel.png
Heart of the Genesis.png
Seal of the Death Dragon.png
Gold King's Secret Cave.png
City of Noire Ferra.png
Castaway Cave Locations.png

Golden Road

Golden Road is one of the side dungeon areas in Underfoot. It is accessed via Joah Ferrero. Players must be level 25 to enter this area.

Forgotten Land Banner.png
Forgotten Land Locations.png

Valley of Fallen Souls

Valley of Fallen Souls is one of the side dungeon areas in Underfoot. Players must be level 40 to enter this area. These dungeons span from level 40 to 70, and do not require Fatigue Points.

Tower of Illusion.png
Tower of the Dead.png
Altar of Infinity.png
Altar of Ascension.png
Tower of Despair.png
Valley of Fallen Souls Locations.png